By Vin

It’s as simple as this. Everything that we have been told about ‘Ireland’ (26 Counties) being somehow a sovereign entity is a lie.
It’s existence is from and under the Crown. This upsets a lot of folks. Personally I just wanted to know the Truth of the matter.
I needed to understand how it all happened. I never gave a jot about Politics (And still don’t).

The methods used on Ireland to control and manipulate it’s population into thinking it was a Free and Sovereign entity are exactly the same as those used by the Crown on many other Countries to do the exact same thing.

India, Australia, Canada, America etc. If you do some simple research and have a logical mind you will clearly see how they match. Look at Sheriffs globally for example. You will be told that each area that has Sheriffs have them under different situations, but in reality they couldn’t possibly. it’s pretty simple to deduce that the Crown empire simply made it ‘look’ like they have receded from all of these areas when in fact they had not. They still maintain control.

Does anybody really think that the Crown simply decided to ‘Give’ Ireland back to the Irish ? even though it had control. Even though it took the time effort and energy to violently suppress a sovereign government and it’s people. Are we to think the Crown simply tired of Ireland and decided that the strategically placed island on the doorstep to the Atlantic was fine to let go after all … Sure there’d be no hard feelings from the way the Crown treated the Irish people…. Right?
What’s a little Rape Murder and pillage after all between friends.

The Crown realized that the only way to ‘Feel’ safe from all of it’s global conquest was to convince all they had abused that somehow they are now ‘Free’ …. It’s nothing but a despicable lie.

If you don’t see this I’m okay with that … I’m happy that finally I see through all the bullshite.

Kind regards