The criminal bankers will eventually bring Ireland to its knees

Irish Austerity EU

By Patrick Walsh

I posted this on the  The Independent But They Refused To Publish my comments , Why?

A: In the immediate term, Ireland looks to be reasonably well sheltered from the direct impact…
Donal O Donahue …The Irish Independent

The real picture is that Ireland is far from sheltered having the highest debt in Europe at 663% while Greece’s dep’t is barely half at 266%. Ireland’s debt is six and a half times its current value, which makes it extremely vulnerable.

Greece’s answer to its problems will “Only” be solved by the BRICS nations which has been set up deliberately to flee the monstrous and corrupt European failed experiment which is the centerpiece of the criminal banking regime. The Federal Reserve gets first prize as the greatest criminal organization in living history and is supported entirely by the war mongering American Nightmare “Not dream”

NATO is the proverbial puppet being used by the US as a tool to promote its wars, while its intent is to make obscene amounts of money to maintain its material madness. Their sole purpose to sustain its hegemony over the world and preach democracy from the barrel of a Gun, making Profit at the same time.

Out of Europe
We need to get “Out Of Europe” and start creating our own currency, otherwise! The criminal bankers will eventually bring Ireland to its knees. They will attack our natural resources without restraint through the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). So beware all you Irish people, and get ready to fight for your lives, your children; the very destiny or our nation. It’s going to be a simple choice “Slavery or Freedom” The criminal bankers will eventually bring Ireland to its knees”; keeping in mind that “Procrastination” (Doing Nothing) is the art of keeping up with yesterday, and Indecision and delays are the parents of failure, that’s why I’m penning this letter, so that I can’t blame myself for doing nothing

The whole financial system is about to explode into financial Armageddon, all brought about by the great Wall Street Ponzi scheme; The European Union is nothing but a vassal state run by the corrupt and corporate USA. The USA needs to start a War every four years by selling arms to terrorists in order to prevent its already bankrupt economy from self-annihilation.

Out With Kenny…Socialist & Fascist
Therefore, to agree with Donal O Donovan’s article in the Independent that we are wrapped in cotton and sheltered from the violent and stormy waters ahead would be a total denial of economic reason, especially given that the world is being run by a criminal cabal. The sooner we get rid of the junket boy Enda Kenny all together along with his Burton’s dummy, including the end of his inept coalition party, that will be the day that Ireland wakes up to the reality that this giant scam is being perpetrated by the Mafioso bankers who lure bad politicians into the ideology of impoverishing it’s people, by using clever tactics of fear mongering and perpetual lies.

Criminal Entities
Let’s not forget that these criminal entities, from Bankers to Politicians and Corporate henchmen have usurped the corridors of power and democracy with their insatiable greed. However, they have only “One” arrow in their bow that they can use effectively against us to keep the whole insane scheme going; that “One “poison arrow that they use relentlessly against us, is their awareness that people are dumbed down by television which they control and an excessive indulgence in all things material.

You see, these criminals know only too well that people are too engrossed in their comfort zones to be bothered enough to educate themselves; to take to the streets and fight for their freedom, for freedom of speech and true democracy is our only recourse in a world without corruption.

These robber barons (bankers) carefully plan their corrupt activities in a covert manner so that un-fettered Capitalists like Denis O Brien and his ilk (Untrustworthy individuals, and Dishonest men) can own the world, In his case, the ownership of Ireland intends to be his first trophy, and without doubt, he’s already half way there. This is (A Big! Big mistake!) So! Unless the masses stand together and take to the streets and remove these puppets that we have running political life, then we deserve to be led and enslaved and our freedom debauched, with no say on all important matters pertaining to our future.

Understanding Greed
We here in Ireland tend to elect poor politicians who don’t understand in the slightest manner what’s going on in the criminal banking industry, they haven’t a clue what the electorate really wants and needs most. Most Irish Politicians get sucked into their little power bubble, learning the latest “In Vogue Power Words” in an attempt to browbeat the populace with crackpot ideologies that tend to destroy and impede the true life of democracy. This primarily leads to bad government, bad politics, and the ultimate breakdown of society as a whole. When this cancer sets in and takes hold, it’s tremendously difficult to stop the spread.

The sooner Ireland and its people learn to stand on its own two feet by educating itself about the criminal nature of the powerful elite the better, for they really are, the Jekyll and Hyde creators of “Bad politicians! And Insane Corporatists! (Unchained to do what it likes) When This Innate Greed they covet is allowed to go unchecked then it is only too obvious that when debt becomes unstainable, the systemic failure of society to keep them shackled is there for all to see. However, if this great task is accomplished and these institutions are shackled correctly, and permanently, then all of humanity can live in peace and embrace the challenges to a better future without the control of a “New World Order” and the banking criminals.

Hopefully! We can then look forward to the election of good and decent politicians to represent us, the key word here being “Good and Decent Politician’s”. Therefore! What we need most of all, is Honesty in government, Upstanding and fearless individuals who will stand for the truth, A Moral sense of commitment, Eloquent speakers of the truth, and people who are Caring and Humble to the core. A great example of this would be someone like the Prime minister of Greece Mr. Tsipras and Varoufakis, For these two great men will be remembered forever by all freedom fighters who rail against the tyranny of corporate despots and the Greedy Banking Cabal who rule the World, These maniacs who live for the love of money, don’t care about how people live or die, whether it be wars or starvation; For Greed Has No Motherland! They kill for profit! They Lie for Profit, They Steal for Profit! They make war for Profit! And they pay politicians in backhanders to do their dirty work, All for Profit! They will bend any palm or break any arm to make money. Their modus operandi, is, Greed and Profit!

The American War Machine & Brainwashing Propaganda
I dream of the day that Ireland will have politicians like Varoufakis and Tsipras. Then! We the people would have someone to love and cherish, instead of the loathing we bear for the likes of Enda Kenny and the unbearable Joan Burton who are crucifying our country with their crazy fascist ideologies of corporate and state control,

They impose their will on the masses through the workings of statist politics, corporate ass licking, and spending millions of tax payers money frivolously travelling all over the world in private jets in order to create ties with criminal entities that are waging war on humanity in the financial realm, and destabilizing the whole word. Here we should pause and bow our heads in shame for allowing the USA war mongering criminals too much power to control our world. This war machine is plundering humanity, torturing innocent victims and is responsible for the mass killings of millions of people worldwide; and let’s not forget the Wall Street thieves and the Hollywood shite we have to perpetually endure. If this is your vision of freedom, then you would be better to wallow on your couch with your “remote control” Never has an instrument been so aptly named as “Remote Control” Think about it?

Power Seekers & Socialism
But our boys here in Ireland like to wine and dine in high places and make themselves feel important on the international stage, Kenny just loves to get his face into an important picture to build his profile, but he’s a coward when it comes to showing face, especially, when he has to stand against the bullyboys and criminals of the European Union, Enda Kenny is only a crowd pleaser de facto. However! He is damaging our country irreparably by his actions and politics, he is a committed socialist and is diametrically opposed to democracy and reason. For Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Politics is like a large pot of stew. If you don’t stir it up every once in a while, then a layer of scum floats to the top.

Greece’s decision to vote against the TROIKA gangsters is a great moment in history that ALL of humanity can be proud of; It is truly the only Country existing in Europe with any true sense of democracy, and, a moral sense of purpose.