The Con That Has Been Played On Mankind


By Aileen Doysan

There is a con that has been played upon mankind and I know for many of you this is an impossibility to comprehend.

Many want to believe in the illusion of life that has been presented. The game that has been created for us all to entrap our minds is not only very unreal but it’s very unfair and unjust.

Humanity collectively needs to awaken and understand that justice, fairness, truth will never be achieved under the current status quo.

The playing field and the rules that govern it all have been established not for us. Sadly, it will take an event to eliminate the current playing field to make it possible for humanity to get a fair shake of the stick. Until then don’t delude yourself into thinking you can beat the con. There will be no collective awakening, as there remains Free Will.

The name of the game for now is stay alive, maintain your well-being both mentally, physically and spiritually and understand you are what they’ve feared all along, your inner divinity.

YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for all along, so wake yourself up to your true potential, not what you’ve been told and lied too your entire life. Most of all be brave, heads up and no fear!