The Cancer Gap: 3 times as many poor suffer from Cancer


By Anthony Connor

Tackling the dominance of cancer in deprived areas must be at the forefront of the new National Cancer Strategy Steering group.

Direct Democracy Ireland Acting General Secretary Anthony Connor stated The National Cancer Strategy Group must undertake to deal with this issue head on, in the week of much celebration following the equality referendum we must now come back down to earth and realise that equality is a much larger issue over all, we still have large sections of society in Ireland with higher rates of cancer that other sections between wealthy and non wealthy and this is a very sad reflection on our health service.

The National Cancer Strategy Group will advice the Department of health on the development of a plan for 2016-2025 unfortunately that advice will come too late for hundreds if not thousands and Direct Democracy Ireland is calling for immediate action.

The Irish cancer society head of Services Mr.Donal Buggy Stated: “We believe it is vital this strategy recognises the very serious issue of the Gap in Ireland, which is the difference in cancer death rates between affluent and non-affluent areas, The Gap is as wide as 3 times, from 381 deaths per 100,000 compared to 128 per 100,000 in its, more affluent neighbourhood.”

Connor went on to say, we must not allow this Gap to grow any wider and it is vital we plan to close that Gap and offer our Citizens equality in our Health service.