The (Brave) New World Order is almost complete

Broke Euro

By Paul Madden

The central banking system which engineered the bankruptcy of several European governments resulting in the repossession of peoples homes and the seizure of the wealth (productivity) of national tax revenues is still in place despite having utterly failed.

The same structures, the same institutions, the same players, the same rules (or lack of), the same regulation (and lack of) are all still in place – unchanged. That goes for the political and judicial structures also.

Bankrupted nations have been forced to borrow to repay debt. I’ll say that again … nations have been forced to take out loans to repay loans that they could not pay to banks who have no means to issue any loans.

The Euro is still on its designed course … as is the US dollar … the destruction of national (and State) sovereignty and the positioning of the central banks to move towards one world bank.

The US, having assumed the position as the world’s only remaining super power following the dismantling of the Soviet Union, is now challenged by a resurgent and increasingly powerful Russia and an emerging third super power, China.

The cold war has resumed and the US hawks are spoiling for war which they hope will restore their superiority in global politics and their divine right to police all nations and impose “democracy” (meaning their rule) in their continuing crusade for wealth (the theft of national natural resources) and power (the control of all governments).

Economic collapse is in no way finished. Not by a long way.

In the US the uncontrolled terrorism carried out by the police force including unlawful massacre of innocent people, particularly in the black community which is the poorest sector of society and therefore the most likely arena for total civil descent into unrest, rioting, revolt and anarchy, inches the entire US closer to a point where marshal law is a serious possibility. The apparent creation of internment camps across the continent and the over-the-top military exercise in Boston after the Boston marathon ‘bombing’ are hints that the police and military are already well prepared for this eventuality,

The surveillance and criminalisation of ordinary people while the real threats of corporate fascism and corrupt political and judicial power go unpunished have unquestionably brought us into an Orwellian system.

It certainly appears that ordinary people are being pushed to a point where the total disintegration of civil society is just a few steps away.

Revolt is inevitable.

Peaceful civil disobedience will be met with brutal physical and armed response … not to suppress it but to turn it into bloody revolution. At this point the men with the guns will have all the power.

If you have not read Huxley’s Brave New World  I suggest now would be a good time. I dont believe it was a novel. I don’t believe it was a vision of a possible future. I don’t even believe it was a prediction. I believe it was a blueprint.

The (Brave) New World Order is almost complete.

The only thing we have to fight with are our numbers, our intellect and our voices..