The blame lies with a government who have not delivered and will not deliver


by Cait O Beirne.

So, we’ve had it from the horses mouth – this time it’s coming from Pat Rabbitte on Prime Time, Tuesday night. He graciously agreed that people can protest, indeed, they are allowed to protest (and thank you very much), however, protestors cannot under any circumstances voice their concerns.

People can, so very quietly, so very gingerly, pitter patter up to these public representatives of ours and stand there, look at them, and smile.

But wait! Didn’t people do that? A few times? A good number of times? And it didn’t make a blind bit of difference? And now, now, ‘they’ feel ever so shocked, upset, and hurt – in fact, even ‘bullied’ by the people.

I am so very sorry that Lorraine Higgins feels threatened.

I am so very sorry that Pat feels that it is wrong for people to congregate at his colleagues places of work.

I am in fact, ever so sorry that Frank Feighan cannot go to the pub for a pint, or even go down the country for fear of abuse – I really am.

However, Pat said that protests are good – he stated that the protests of the 70’s and the 80’s did not involve violence or anger, or threats. It was actually hinted that social media was to blame.

But do you know where the blame lies?

The blame lies with a government who have not delivered and will not deliver.

The blame lies with a government who have blatantly, continuously, and consistently lied to the public.

The blame lies with the fact that the people are awake – people know the truth, and that’s what is so good about social media – it educates and that is what these ‘public representatives’ fear.

The blame lies with these same ‘public representatives’ who have the option of having a pint, when the 99% can’t – the same 99% who are being taxed to the hilt to pay a debt they don’t owe.

And the blame lies with the lack of justice – the justice being the truth of a bank bailout of €64 billion.

But the whole satire on this, is if these ‘representatives’ were actually ‘public representatives’ – acting for the public – there would have been no bank bailout of €64 billion – there would have been no lies, and there would have been no protests.