Tenants’ who cannot afford sky rocketing rents, be placed in rural locations


By Martina Doyle

Fintan Mcnamara of the residential landlords association made a suggestion that ‘ social welfare and unemployed tenants’ who cannot afford the sky rocketing rents in Dublin, should be ‘temporarily placed in rural locations.

This followed on from a report about a man living in a homeless shelter in Dublin who has a rent allowance of 1100 euro a month, doesnt drink, smoke or take drugs, an has viewed 35 properties, but cannot get a landlord to take him.

His reason for homelessness?

A marriage break up.

Who the hell does Fintan McNamara think he is?

In a country awash with unemployment, repossessions, evictions, corruption etc. he now wants peoples human rights to chose where they live to be impeded due to this governments destruction of our society. We need a revolution.

God help the next generation….