Ten simple tips on how to rock the Twittersphere


Written by Samantha Kelly A Twitter Goddess

You can spot them a mile away! The popular and active twitter users. Their names pop up even at times when you don’t expect them to! But just seeing their name and brand for even a split second keeps them in your sub conscious so that when you go searching for interesting stuff on Twitter, you know you can rely on them to be either having a debate about something or being funny or they will have some really interesting content to share.  That’s why you are following them yes?

Well here are ten reasons why they are rocking the Twittersphere and others aren’t – Try these simple steps yourself and you will notice a difference!

1. They are consistent. Most of the time the topic they tweet about is what they specialize in.  Let’s face it if a restaurant started tweeting about beauty it might scare you away! You followed them in the first place because of the subject they tweet about.   Or perhaps you noticed that they share funny stories etc.  So you don’t want them going all serious and down in the dumps either.

2. They are also full of useful information. Whether it is the latest news or the latest trick or tip, they are knowledgeable and mix it up a bit so you are kept interested.

3. They are usually very helpful. They know how important it is to engage and build relationships…am sure if you look back on their tweets you will see that they RT a lot and give helpful advice or tips. They also engage with their followers by answering questions and asking them how they are too.

4. They usually respond to tweets within a few minutes or hours at least.

5. They Tweet a lot! Expect impromptu pics of a flower or tree or sunset …anything that they think you will appreciate they will take a pic and tweet it out, so they have their twitter on their smartphone for sure!

6. They keep away from controversy – although there are some who seem to relish the art of the debate and might be known for getting involved in controversial topics.

7. Expect plenty of interaction and engagement from Top Tweeters. They are almost always chatting to someone and usually involved in something interesting that is going on at the time!

8. They get involved in popular hashtags and are always sharing knowledge.

9.  Their bio and picture is welcoming, friendly and approachable

10. They stand out.  ‘Why spend your whole life trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out.’