Taoiseach Enda Kenny cowering behind the Four Courts, amid a constitutional crisis


By Editor

With the media silenced by a court injunction, Taoiseach Enda Kenny is saying nothing on a matter of national importance which has the country embroiled in a controversy over which takes precedent

1.A citizen’s right to privacy

2. A TD’s right to be heard

3.The media’s right to report what said in the Dáil.

Socialist TD Joe Higgins, says the Constitutional situation couldn’t be clearer,

Article 15 gives privilege to TDs who speak in the Dáil and article 34 says that the judiciary must be subject to the Constitution “Bunreacht na Heireann”.

Billionaire and TAX exile Denis O’Brien, insists he is just a private citizen, same as everyone else, and should not have to publicise his financial affairs to the public. (Is he a citizen or Ireland or Malta? and he is certainily not the same as everyone else)

Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin accused O’Brien and his staff of trying to bully and intimidate TD Catherine Murphy when she spoke about O’Brien’s business deal with IBRC thats apparently that’s a big secret and we are not allowed speak about it.

Saviors of tyranny and oppression Labour say the matter needs to be resolved in the courts, So no surprises there then.

Is it a constitutional crisis?  Taoiseach Enda Kenny is cowering behind the Four Courts, hoping it will all go away, But its not going to.

So whats going to happen? Well the useless Government is attempting to sit this one out, amid calls from the opposition for spineless Kenny to show the necessary authority expected of a Taoiseach and stand up for the Constitution and the right of TDs not to be silenced.

The temporary injunction is back in court tomorrow, and Government will be hoping the issue is sorted out. However the losing side will appeal to the Supreme Court, It’s likely the Government will have to get involved before its sorted

Yet, as the Dáil has been largely on vacation since St Patrick’s Day, and when it has sat there have been sudden, lengthy adjournments because the Government has given it no legislation to debate, perhaps having an emergency session in the middle of a constitutional crisis which goes to the heart of representative democracy and freedom of speech, would be no bad thing.


Reference story from : The Irish Examiner