Tanaiste Joan Burton has swapped politics for a career in broadcasting


The Labour Party has received another shock with the news that Tanaiste Joan Burton has swapped politics for a career in broadcasting, the veteran socialist is joining RTE.

Alan Kelly said “it’s a bit of a nice surprise – with Gilmore throwing in the towel and now Burton, it can be only good news for the Labour Party, because now I can assert myself and become leader of this great party of Lowry and Cassidy (?? surely you mean Larkin and Connolly Alan?) and keep them other three eejits… I mean contenders O’Riordáin, White and Nash on the sidelines”.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny congratulated Miss Burton but said he felt a bit let down as the Tanaiste had expressed a strong desire to join Fine Gael, although he conceded her politics might be a bit too right wing for the Blueshirts.

Alex White said Burton was eminently suited to the airwaves. “She can talk non stop for 2 hours without saying anything meaningful – just like Marion Finucane or Ray Darcy. I am delighted she joined the national broadcaster and not one of O’Brien’s propaganda stations, where she would be forced to defend the tax exile everyday like George Hook and Ivan Yates, She is a great asset to RTE and one more reason why everybody should pay my €160 tax … I mean Broadcasting Charge.

Joan has tweeted that every topic will be open for discussion on her programme, especially same sex marriage, LGBT issues and abortion, but nobody mention Denis, Siteserv or cuts in benefits to Lone-Parent Families