Talk to your Politicians:


By Collective Ireland

TTIP is a government facilitated privately negotiated corporate assault on where you live, what you eat and how you work – it will destroy urban and rural communities, impoverish the working class, attack small businesses and eventually rip asunder the very fabric of Irish society as we know it in an attempt to prioritise corporate greed over human need.

TTIP is the Enemy, and if TTIP becomes the line in the sand, everybody in the Protest Movement and on The Left benefits.
Using TTIP as effectively as we used Irish Water will give The Left the opportunity it needs to unite, and it will allow the Protest Movement to grow without the distraction caused by political branding or personal affiliation.

It will allow the Socialist Party and the Anti Austerity Alliance, the Socialist Workers Party and People Before Profit to function at a national level and influence the electorate at a local level outside the confines of a Dublin stronghold and the politics of The Pale.
It gives them all a route into a rural Ireland that does not vote socialist and a rural Ireland where, for the most part, their work on the water issue doesn’t really matter.
It will give them the kind of platform their comrades in Europe are already using to great effect.
These Parties have members and supporters travelling at great personal expense to promote and encourage membership, while they could remain at home politicising their communities and organising protest against the gross mismanagement of this state.
These Parties should be using TTIP.

Sinn Fein, well versed in the dangers of TTIP but tarnished by ambiguity and indecisiveness on the water issue should be using TTIP to reclaim some of the legitimacy they need before the next election.
Given the issues Sinn Fein have had to air in public over the course of these protests, TTIP should in itself provide a welcome target.
Sinn Fein in Europe are credible and legitimate due in no small part to their work on TTIP and their perception as a force for change. Their problem is always going to be convincing the people of Ireland.
TTIP will help them do that.

TTIP will make Trade Unions obsolete.
The Labour Party has failed the Labour Movement in Ireland, and Trade Unionism for the most part has been left all bark and no bite from collusion with social partnership.
TTIP is a reason alone for increased and focused activity across all our Trade Unions.
Through information, education and objection the Trade Unions can offer The Left all the support it needs to unite behind one banner.
Workers are suffering while the politics and factionalism of the Irish Left play at protest and opposition. Solidarity is where our strength will come from. Unions are what workers have in common and the workers need to use the unions instead of letting themselves be used by their unions.
TTIP gives groups like Eirigi and the Workers Solidarity Movement the opportunity to educate a working class drowning in apathy.
It will allow dissidents and Says No Groups to openly attack the system. It is a system that deserves to be attacked.
It will allow groups and parties like the 1916 Societies, Republican Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Socialist Party to show all the people of Ireland that they are about so much more than Republicanism.
TTIP will encourage and help the Communist Party of Ireland and The Workers Party to function as they should.

TTIP gives new political entities like the National Citizens Movement, Direct Democracy Ireland, United People and An Chomhdháil Phobail the very real and very concrete platforms they need advertise their agendas.

The Left needs TTIP. It is the only kitchen sink they’ll all fit comfortably into.

TTIP as an enemy opens up the Protest Movement to every community in Ireland. It makes the movement as a whole more accessible and palatable.

TTIP is an enemy of all – public sector workers and private sector workers, industrial workers and agricultural workers, students and teachers, patients and nurses, people struggling on social welfare and people struggling on minimum wage. It will affect bus drivers, shop workers, farmers, pensioners and single parent families alike.
TTIP touches every community and it will worm its way into every aspect of Irish life and it will chew it up for profit.

Organisation, protest, boycott and political action at community level will make TTIP the enemy and will allow the Protest Movement offer The Left the opportunity to unite.
We already know that we can be political without affiliation, that we can organise without instruction and that we will show up without staging.
The Left needs to unite to stand a chance of profiting from that. The Water is a small ball, but TTIP will prove a much harder one to drop.

TTIP is a gift to Politicians.
Make them use it.