State oppression, political policing, misrepresentation by our elected representatives, and government

political policing

State oppression, political policing, misrepresentation by our elected representatives, and government,  misinformation from the national broadcaster and national media. This is corrupt Ireland in 2015 aided and abetted by the Judicial system and Garda Siochana.

Theft of family dwellings and small businesses by corrupt banks, 100,000 families facing eviction and homelessness, Our public hospitals deliberately mismanaged in order to facilitate the introduction of private health care, Our national infrastructure is suffering to prop up an attempt by this excuse of a government to privatise water and sell it to the lowest bidder. National assets and infrastructure been given away at the behest of a broke EU and euro. Make no mistake this is a robbery of unimaginable proportions which is been inflicted and carried out on us the sovereign people of Ireland and yet we remain SILENT.

The wealthy are being protected by the same system of governance that heralds the have-nots ever closer to poverty and a collection of overpaid slimey government ministers and TDs whose policies are directly responsible for every single piece of misery currently afflicting the good honest ordinary people of Ireland. 190 people borrowed 62 billion euro and sent this country and its people spiraling into the destitution and destruction it now faces. We are in a debt situation which we cannot get out of, it is an absolute impossibility. We were sold into debt by an inept government without consultation or a mandate from us the people. This same government were fully aware the banks were and had been insolvent for years before the bailout.

The bank guarantee of september 30th 2008 was a guarantee contract built on lies and deception, and as any solicitor or barrister knows, such agreement that did not have full disclosure is under CONTRACT LAW null and void.

Are you the good people of this little island going to allow these injustices where the many pay for the GREED of the few and be governed by a miniscule 1% who do not win elections but buy them instead. Ireland is facing the greatest flight of citizens from the state since the time of the deliberate genocidal famine cull of the people in the 1840s.

It’s always been about them and not us – the people. Their behaviours have become more blatant, more oppressive, more unjust and more self-serving than ever.

Surely its time for us to throw off the label of SHEEP and become less compliant, less respectful, less considerate, and ultimately less timid in our response.


Join the Protests. Join All The Protests and send a message to these despicable inconsiderate hoors that the


The sovereignty of the nation of Ireland is inalienable, It is therefore not within the competence of any generation of the people to SURRENDER that sovereignty, which each generation holds in trust for the nation. The question of surrender of national independence may not be submitted to an electorate.

Subject to that fundamental principal it is hereby declared that
ALL authority in Ireland – Legislative, Executive and Judicial, and ALL powers of government, are derived solely under God from the people of Ireland. These powers are inherent in the PEOPLE alone by virtue of the sovereignty. They must be exercised in accordance with the principals of Liberty, Equality and Justice for all. Any legislation not in accordance with these principals is hereby declared to be NULL and VOID.