State of Affairs as of Today Strokestown Repossession

Eviction Strokestown County Roscommon

By John Kevin Molloy

Having read some of the bullshit that’s in the papers and indeed Social media, I felt a few things had to be addressed.. I personally left The Stokestown family at 4 am this morning.. This is the the absolute truth and the State of affairs as of today.. The Court order Has Not at this stage being proved invalid. Solicitors have not as yet came back to the Family. The family are still very much in fear. Absolutely no reassurances have been giving to them that they will be safe for even today, never mind over Christmas. A Garda presence is passing regularly. Why this is, no one knows.. I’d recommend anyone going to show support has their vehicles in order and indeed themselves. These sweeps are regular and I’d imagine all registrations are noted. Media is also lurking around, which is to be expected. There is a happy presence of most men and women and you won’t go hungry. The house is not in the middle of no where as the media might want you to believe and actually only about 2 mile outside Strokestown with the best of roads leading to it, bar about a half mile of a by road that’s in Great condition. Have absolutely no doubt, you will get a warm country welcome. You may be “sussed out” but that’s to be expected. To keep to the facts, 6 vehicles ly burnt out in what was once a well kept yard, 2 of these vehicles belong to the family, something the media fails to mention. You will also be greeted by cats coming from all directions as the lady of the house takes in homeless cats to look after them. The cat food wasn’t opened during the Repossession Teams occupation, , which, not surprisingly, means they were not fed, showing these Thugs had no respect for Animal or Person. The home is not vandalised in any way by The Take Over Team, bar a few pains of glass and the front door. The atmosphere is warm, giving the traumatic experience but peaceful they are most certainly not. Always on edge and living in the unknown. During the occupation, for some unknown reason, These Mercenaries, dumped all the meat that was in the freezer for Christmas, yet left all perishable goods in the presses. In a true show of Loyalists activity, a Irish Patriotic picture was removed for the wall and burned. Apart from that, nothing had been touched. I was greeted by farmers from Mayo, Longford and Galway, who along with neighbors, where there in Solidarity with the people. We were shocked to hear that the oldest brother was still very traumatized as he had been physically dragged from the house By His Ears and has the marks to prove it. While these are the people of the land, do not fool yourself, the younger brother was highly intelligent as well as an absolute gentleman and had defended himself in court on numerous occasions, because of his distrust for the legal process and good quote example cases where legal teams had lost simple cases. His barrister had also actually died from His Own financial stress during the process, which was a huge set back. He also had lodged legal papers that were mysteriously lost and no one knows where they are. They have received no apology from any of the coalition parties, nor even a polite how are you. Back to the Eviction.. There is absolutely no doubt Ian Gordon was on site and regonised by many.. The family had gone through weeks of hell with cars constantly driving in and out of the yard, in particular, a black northern Ireland registered Audi. The hit was a strategic one, and most certainly assisted by an Garda, as The British Mercenaries entered from the back road to Roscommon and not the main road as would be the normal. Roads had been blocked off to assist them according to neighbors. Adien Delvin, seen in the brown jacket in the video, was the man in charge of the eviction and most likely Ian Gordon’s employer. It was his actions that escalated these horrific circumstances when he refused, point blank, to let the court order be examined. This resulted in a brutal attack on an ex Garda. Strokestown is under the watch of Castlrea Garda Station, which only last week, seen two men marked for life and barbarically attacked by two Garda. I never want to get arrested around there. Its not good for your health.. Now The Dissidents s.. Especially since Matt Carty the local MEP, released a statement for the family.. Matt Carty is a friend of Anna Kavanagh, who has been giving live updates since the Tragic Events unfolded, a warrior retired school teacher, who is exhausted, trying to highlight this families plight and I doubt she is IRA material unless the weapon of choice is the wooden spoon. Rag newspapers have mentioned the Real IRA and the INLA.. Now I’m no expert, put Sinn Féin do not do press releases for anything the Real IRA or the INLA are involved in. Maybe I’m mistaken. When Drew Harris took over he said his main concern was Dissident Republicans, in a country where Drug fueds resemble Columbia and killings are an everyday experience and Garda terrified off certain gangs running wild in North Dublin. Drugs have not got into the smallest rural towns.. But Nope.. Our Drew wants nó one only Break Away Paddy and the Rockettes, a great rock band of the 80,s and 90,s… By allowing an Garda Síochána assist in illegal evictions by Loyalists thugs, Drew Harris has created a new Dissident and for the first time in history, I’m gonna name them.. The are called TOP.. And they are large in numbers..and growing by the day.. and they have had enough… The Ordinary People… If they Rise, and Rise they will, unless they get the respect they have worked so hard for.. TOO HELL OR TOO CONNACHT said Cromwell.. SEEMINGLY NOW, THE ONLY OPTION IS HELL ..I don’t think so…. . Sorry for the Novel, but the truth needed to be told.