Irish waster Water

By Liam Deegan

It seems that Irish Water have hit the proverbial iceberg according to the income figures that they have released and yet the government are delighted with the same released figures that are spurious to say the least and outright lies at best. Looking around at the number crunching being done by individuals with the correct mathematical skill set makes the government and Irish Water mathematical geniuses positively look like amateurs.

You know when Alan Kelly and Co are smiling through gritted teeth that all is not well in the camp and that Irish Water has a gaping hole in its finances. But what does any government do when it has a gaping hole in its finances? It borrows more money to try and dam the gaping hole. It borrows more and more money so that no matter who follows them in government, the Irish people will be forced to pay for the SS Irish Water even when it sinks.

No matter what positive spin is put on it, it certainly won’t shine a light to how much borrowing the state has left the taxpayers hanging for. Every cent used to fund Irish Water is either taken from car tax, the national pension fund or borrowed from banks and in the latest case of borrowing the government has borrowed half a billion Euro from Bank of Ireland in sheer desperation to try and keep their baby from sinking.

In effect the Irish people have been forced to borrow from a bank that we bailed out with our money and that has now been used to “lend” us our own bailout money back. Noonan and Co will argue that the government are only minor shareholders in the bank now that it has been mainly re-privatised but that isn’t true as we have not been repaid anything near what was given to Bank of Ireland in the first place.

The real problem isn’t the what was borrowed but how it will be repaid. There is no issue that this government is on it’s last legs as we see a November election looming in order to try catch other parties off guard. Fianna Fail through Éamon Ó Cuív have made it clear that they will keep Irish Water in operation and have no intention of sending it to the watery grave that it deserves. So it seems that nothing has changed and that Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are still sharing the same arse cheeks while we are left holding the baby so to speak and being the ones left to clean up after them.

The bankers will demand their money back no matter who is in government and all because the government has signed contracts that bind the people to paying for Irish Water for years to come. Kenny, Noonan and their Labour sidekicks won’t care as they are about to receive their vomit inducing pensions and walk off into the sunset with your money happy in the knowledge that they put their friends first and you weren’t even a thought as they walk out the door for the last time.

It also needs to be considered that by the time Irish Water is no longer the scourge on society and money making machine for friends of Fine Gael, the bill will be closer to €2 billion which is something that the Irish people will have to consider as a loss even if it is unpalatable and should be viewed most certainly as a lesson in who not to trust to run the country from now on.

The most important duty of any right minded citizen is to continue to boycott their little play thing just as Captain Boycott also found to his displeasure in 1879. History needs to repeats itself in order for those in power and those expecting to assume power to learn a critical lesson in good governance.