So what is the District Court




In a week that has seen the homeless crisis escalate to a new level with an illegal eviction in Kells county Meath, where a blind man, his partner and their 10 year old child were ejected onto the street. This behavior has sent shockwaves through society and the local community.

Lets look at how the banks, courts, garda, private security companies and local solicitors are enabling this to happen.

Courts in Ireland are BAR (British Accredited Registry) courts and one must certainly ask the question where does the BAR court get its power from? Its not mentioned anywhere in the constitution. Should we not have Dail Eireann courts ?

So what is the District Court ?

The District Court is the lowest court in the Irish court system. The District Court is a court of local and limited jurisdiction. This means it is restricted as to which cases it can decide in both civil and criminal matters. The District Court is restricted to hearing cases where the damages or compensation sought does not exceed €15,000. This information is available on the citizens information website. So with that information in mind, the following questions arise.

How is the district court able to hear cases for the value of 100,000 + in proceedings to eject Men/Women/Families from lands or property where there is a dispute ?