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We know that the furore surrounding the Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett and his financial dealing outside of Dail Eireann have been swept under the carpet by the government but it was always likely to bubble under and not really go away,because the truth is always lurking in the shadows waiting to haunt those who hide the it and this certainly includes Sean Barrett who has lots to hide and lots more to lose than ever before.

While out of office, Sean Barrett formed a company called Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Limited (CRO No: 120580) on the 4th of March 1987. On the board of directors and shareholders were Mr Barrett’s long time associates and friends, John Magnier, Colm Maloney, Tim Hyde and David Nagle amongst other notable individuals.

Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Limited was owned by JAB Holdings (Dublin) (which is still active) until it was voluntarily liquidated by the members on April 2nd 2009 with a disbursement of €1.5 million made between the shareholders. In 2009 and according to the register of TD’s interests, Sean Barrett declared once again, that he had no income from any of his investments and that included his alleged large sum of cash from the liquidation of Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Ltd.

However the timing of the liquidation of Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Limited isn’t coincidental either as the reader will see…

Bearing in mind that Sean Barrett was a private citizen and had retired from politics until he made a comeback in the 2007 election but going on his record for hiding material truth, Sean Barrett naturally didn’t declare his personal property dealings in Florida to the newly formed register of TD’s interests in 2007 or to anyone else for that matter. Barrett, according to court documents allegedly purchased a property in Florida sometime between the year 2000 and 2002 using Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Limited as a front company. The address of the property was 2252 Mallory Circle, Caribbean Cove, Haines City, Polk County, Florida. The value of the property according to the State property Appraiser was in the region of $132,000 at the time.

It is alleged that the property was purchased by Mr Barrett and his company from a Ms Barbara Maloney of Castleknock, County Dublin and who is alleged to be a relation of Barrett’s long time business partner and fellow Insurance Broker Colm Maloney. However it also appears that the final sale was not concluded until the 29th January 2002 when Ms Maloney signed what is known as a quit claim deed which was notarised here and returned to the US lawyer acting for the seller which in this case is alleged to be Ms Maloney.

None of that mattered until 2006 when the Register of TD’s interests kicked in thereby requiring all TD’s and Senators to declare all of their interests but it did matter with Barrett’s subsequent re-election in 2007 while allegedly being the beneficial owner or one of the beneficial owners of the Florida property.

According to Polk County court filings, Sean Barrett and his company were the beneficial owners of the property until at least 2010 however it appears that in 2008, that Barrett and Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Limited along with Wachovia Bank, Florida, Florida National Bank, Appleton Capital LLC, Southern Dunes Master Community Association INC and finally Style Estates ltd INC were all sued as joint defendants by a Florida based company called CCTW INVESTMENTS LLC for what appears to be the ownership of the property under case number 53-2008.

This resulted in Barrett having a judgement registered against him and Sean Barrett Bloodstock Investments Limited and then subsequently being released under lien for $10 (and other good and valuable consideration) according to the court documents) on the 23rd February 2009 – All this while he was a serving member of Dail Eireann.

It is also very clear from the court records and especially the lien filing that Sean Barrett was one of, if not the sole beneficial owner the property at 2252 Mallory Circle, Caribbean Cove and that he once again did not declare his ownership of the property to the Dail Register from his re-election date in 2007 until the date of the final vacate order in June 2010 made by the US courts.

To try and defend the indefensible one time is admirable but to defend the indefensible twice is foolish… Don’t let there be a third time!

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