So the people are angry having every right to be so

the real Dail eireann sits in the mansion house

So the people are angry having every right to be so.

The people are demanding they be treated better, How much better ? sniggers the provisional government of Fine Gael and Labour. With sneers across the room from the incompetent Fianna Fáil who are also part of the same crew of quislings who have dominated the politics in this country for the last 93 years.

All the while this Provisional Government, have done their deals, they’ve made their promises and disposed of a few more of the peoples assets to their corporate overlords in Europe and the US.

Now an Election looms and the people are screaming for blood, like they think they matter, BUT they don’t. They are just the currency,

Oh you thought the pieces of paper with EURO marked on them is money, IT’S NOT, When you read the small print you will find that it may as well be monopoly money as its only described as legal tender.

No the people are the currency, When they are born their parents immediately give them to the state by registering them at birth. Once you register something you give it away. This is the point at which peoples LEGAL FICTION is created. The registered child is given a number and a bond is created on security paper. Its on security paper because its a security and it is then floated on the stock exchange. The government then tricks real flesh and blood people into believing they are these legal fictions (securities), and this is what they tax under the statues and acts (legislation). Thats why you are the currency, not pieces of coloured paper borrowed into existence in a usury system. And that is the very reason why all countries and nations will always be in debt.

You see the people don’t comprehend that which is so obvious, IRELAND is a business not a nation. IRELAND INC is the company name and the people (acting as legal fictions) will soon get their chance to vote in a CEO  a secretary, a treasurer and a board of managing directors. as well as many new officers (TDS) who will all participate in the running of the company. The pretend President (all companies need a president) will be renewed in a couple of years.

Wait a minute you thought Ireland was a Republic ? that’s just a lie that was sold to the population back in 1948. We are not a Republic, I believe the wording says we shall be described as The Republic of Ireland.

éire is still controlled by The Crown who’s presence never left this country, Yes Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour, Sinn Fein, The Socialists and any other sitting so called representative all take their orders from The Crown who in turn give them a handsome pay check for doing their dirty work. Even in Northern Ireland all politicians take their orders from The Crown.

I think thats enough for you to digest at this time. Future articles will cover how the Sovereign Republic of éire was usurped in 1922 and the lie the people of this nation have been living ever since.

Do Not Despair, The Sovereign Republic of éire which was proclaimed in arms on the 24th of April 1916 and Declared on the 21st of January in 1919 still stands as the only bone fide constitution in this land as it was ratified by all the people in the 32 counties, and was recognised internationally by such countries as Russia.

BTW Leinster House is not Dail Eireann, its The Royal Oireachtas set up by King George

See a piece from Vincent Brown, the peoples debate when true republican Richard Behal asks the moran’s (proposed candidates) of Kerry, When is Ireland’s Independence day ?

Not one could answer. one even said it was st patricks day. (obviously cut from the clip to save him the shame of such a dumb answer). These are the MORAN’s who present themselves to the people of Kerry for election.


All is not what it seems people, For instance De Valera was the bastard son of an English lord called Gubbins from county clare and in my opinion a British spy/plant. But that’s a story for another day.