Should Judge Paul Gilligan Be Impeached & Removed From Office?

Judge paul gilligan

By Truthful Ireland

A point of fact: if a judge jails five people because they are in contempt of court, he cannot honestly state that his hands were tied, especially if he is the one that tied them by making the dubious order in the first place, an order which blatantly banned freedom of assembly and upheld economic interests over civil rights.


In another recent case against National Land League members and others, this same Judge stated that financial rights of a Plaintiff were of more importance than the Defendants right to freedom of speech and assembly.


This is of course Judge Paul Gilligan who will take an affidavit of maybe 60 pages into his chamber, claim he read it in fifteen minutes and claim a complete awareness of the arguments there-in. He will then refuse you the right to read anything controversial in the affidavit onto the court record saying “Oh I’ve read that in my chamber, move on” therefore preventing crucial evidence being recorded. This is a blatant misuse of power and office by the judge who is there to adjudicate and nothing more.


This is also in direct contravention of the Social contract. A judge  only garners the respect of the people when they remain within the fair contract. Outside of the contract he is just Joe Soap a NOBODY.


Judges are appointed by the President, acting on the binding advice of the Government. The Government themselves act on the advice of the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board who submit a list of seven recommended candidates. However the government are not bound to follow the advice of the Board and may decide to appoint other qualified individuals. The Board advertises vacant positions but do not seek out candidates or conduct interviews. WHY?


All of the above terms reside within the social contract. The unsaid agreement of I don’t rob you to eat or better myself or family, on the basis that we are all better off in a fair and managed just society. When it is not fair, not managed with one law for the rich and another for the rest us, “the contract is broken”….. All law resides within this unspoken rule. It is how we live within a society rather than a survival of the fittest. 

It is my opinion Judge Gilligan has proved on several occasions he is NOT FIT to hold the office of Judge, and should be impeached and removed.