Should All Government Ministers & TDs be Jailed

Iris cabinet Ministers-Jail them All

By Truthful Irish

This explains, in a nutshell, why those in the Dail don’t want the situation to change. Look at what they have worked for themselves in pensions, salaries and expenses. Just look at what each TD and minister is costing us. These parasites TDs and Ministers are terrified the status quo will change and someone will remove their perks, hence their outright lies to get into Government. Let me include these expenses also apply to a lesser degree to the opposition TDs.
Headline figures:
Per annum,
a TD costs the state: €309,912
an average Minister costs: €577,635

Approximate cost to the taxpayer every year…..nearly €55 MILLION.

Then you can start adding the in the
Clown Comhairle – €70.282
The Leas Clown Comhairle – €€34,381
The Cathaoirleach of the Seanad – €38,160
And leas Cathaoirleach – €19,846

Then start adding in all the payments for party whips. Cabinet ministers are also entitled to claim for two special advisors, who earn a salary roughly equivalent to that of a TD.

Lucrative pensions are the order of the day for all serving TDs, shouldn’t they just get redundancy like everyone else?

The truth is these criminals  are attempting to convince the working population that those on the dole are lazy scroungers, when all along it’s these scroungers who have scrounged and stolen or given away the countries finances and wealth. I mean they vote on their own wages and bonuses for Christ sake.

Why don’t we have the money for medical cards for sick children? One thinks its time to KICK them and their Oligarchy friends into touch. then purge the ranks of all civil servants starting with the DPP and Garda. These parasites are ripping off our country.

A good start would be arresting the current and previous government Ministers & TDs and jailing them for a minimum of 5 years or a maximum of 20 years. people may then feel justice is being done.

Trial by jury of the ordinary people of Ireland.