Shatter’s case takes a bashing in the High Court


Shatter’s case takes a bashing in the High Court – Shatter is as GUILTY of CORRUPTION and MALPRACTICES as Martin Callinan – Both in cahoots – both of the opinion that they were UNTOUCHABLE & UNANSWERABLE – BOTH SACKED – In the end, this seems like a little bit of hope for justice in Ireland – It’s comforting to know that ALL Judges are NOT CORRUPT – Total Respect to Mr Justice Seamus Noonan who sent Shatter packing with his case of Lies and Deception !!

“The judge finds it “very difficult to resist” the conclusion that Shatter took the case as a tactical “collateral attack” aimed at preventing his role in the Garda whistleblower saga being examined by a commission of investigation set up in line with the Guerin report’s recommendations.
‘Unacceptable’ approach

He takes issue with Shatter’s “entirely unacceptable” approach to his claim that Guerin’s actions had given rise to a reasonable apprehension of bias.
Shatter withdrew these claims “somewhat grudgingly”, the judge says, but that anyone could make “such a serious allegation without even the most basic attempt to verify the facts is a matter of significant concern.”
Shatter had argued that Guerin should have interviewed him before writing his report, and pointed out that the terms of reference left it open to Guerin to interview Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe” !!

Here is a little reminder of what Shatter’s buddy Martin Callinan said about the honest brave Garda whistle-blowers;