By Frank Hayes

The violation of a democratically elected Anti-Austerity government by the Troika Institutions amounts to an act of financial terrorism. The deposing of Yanis Varoufakis, perhaps the only Finance Minister in the entire Eurogroup with anything like a scientific understanding of the financial motion behind the Great Crash of 2007/8 (and its present Euro consequences), has removed also the last vestiges of any democratic protection for the Greek people.

“Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams” implored the poet W B Yates, as a hopeless love affair unravelled. Such sentiment cuts no ice with the jack-booted far right now garnering its brutality, while the soft left-of-centre reformist muddle class which coalesced around the Syriza leadership, crumbles and splits, and ruling class intransigence demands vicious new Austerity Politics agendas for the ordinary Greek citizen.

Just a few weeks in office, it is the Finance Minister of Finland’s new far-right government who leads the Eurogroup charge against the people of Greece as The European Financial Union Reactionaries force them to sacrifice their country – and perhaps, their very lives – demanding all Public Services be smashed, already meagre pensions be cut to the quick, and the privatisation of publicly owned resources. The poor must pay a high price for the privileges of the elite.

The dream that capitalism, as a system of government over society, can be coaxed into some sort of retreat from its savage assaults on the wellbeing of ordinary people by reasoned argument, or the promotion of humanitarian values, also becomes a nightmare this week, and also for those in Ireland who sow such illusions.

The truth is that the bourgeois parliamentary road to developing democracy is no longer a material historic possibility for humanity! In fact, it has been transformed into a dictatorial barrier to general social progress.

Sinn Fein, who have courted the Syriza party, are offering themselves as its Irish equivalent with neo-Keynesian economic theories, must face the reality that this strategy is now a failure, effectively opening the door as political reaction ascends. The Socialist Workers Party, who have cosied up to them in collaborative manoeuvres on the frontline across the country, often betraying communities on the ground still fighting Denis O’Brien’s Corporate Irish Water Metering operation, now face the consequences of the futility of their deceptive manipulations.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny becomes ever more shrill in his demands for punitive actions against the ailing Syriza experiment which attempted to make capitalism ‘functional’ in the twenty-first century. While Merkel and Hollande shadow box about what they think they can get away with in terms of crushing Greek standards of living, they are also tied together in the beleaguered 19-strong Euro Group, quite unable to see a way out of the impasse of a Global Financial Crisis in which their € currency is now the weakest link.

That is because there is no way out for them, not in terms of their longed-for “recovery” (of real profitability)! The de facto corporate dictatorship regarding the global economy and now, polity, exercised through The Troika Institutions demands that nation state governments – and indeed, super-state governments like the EU, get tough on the transfer of all available funds from meeting human needs, to feeding the insatiable black hole of profit hunger at the heart of their failing system.

Hence the gathering forces of the Far Right now dominating the debacle of the Euro Crisis with its own weakest Greek link unable to budge Brussels.

Hatchet men like Eurogroup President Joroen Djisselbloem (Netherlands Labour Party) with his retinue of European People’s Party Hard Rightists including Alexander Stubb (Finland), Wolfgang Schauble (Germany), and Michael Noonan (Ireland), confront an unprecedented crisis as the insolvency of the Greek Nation State, with only 2.2% of the European Union population, appears to threaten the survival of the Euro. What this implies for the Global Financial System is for them … the unthinkable!

Whatever they try only makes things worse! Quantitative Easing intensifies the shredding of € value. Wage reductions also reduce the potential for corporate profit-taking. And all the time, the Debt Burden intensifies and grows heavier – the only real growth is the strangling growth of indebtedness.

There is one clear lesson. This systemic collapse marks an historic turning point. It is the end of the road for the old ways, economically, socially, ecologically, and politically. Crisis after crisis, crash event after crash event, bubble after bubble, Austerity after Austerity, it’s clear the old road leads nowhere.

As the protesting democratic voices of the Greek people are rejected out of hand by the burgeoning and bludgeoning corporate/political establishment far right, a new response based on a new and concrete, up to the minute analysis, is essential and urgent.

At home, the first Republic of Ireland is being similarly eclipsed by the Troika Bail Out process and corporate privatisations; by the smashing of welfare measures, to be replaced by a vicious Market State.

This political disintegration demands the new imagining of what a Second Republic of Ireland to democratically serve the people might look like, of how it might function to prioritise the real needs of real people.

Attacks on democracy are sharp warnings that, just as a century ago, capitalism will stop at nothing to protect its continued existence. Mussolini and Hitler used the corporatist harangue, terrorism against the people, and militarist brute force, to smash democracy, and now, their political successors are once again, attacking the human rights of citizens, seeking to divide and conquor via racism, softening society up for a new mass savagery with lies and deceptions.

But the splits in Syriza – no less than the splits occurring within the Irish opposition to The Dail Dictatorship – are creating new and opposite political phenomena also. An embryonic movement towards a real democracy is also emerging, well under the media radar (or ignored / dismissed by it) everywhere.

Here is the potential new and revolutionary opposite to the deepening failure of the present system. It contains the vigour of a people capable of rising once again to undo the broken mess of crashed capitalism. But they will need to lead the way forward with care.

This possibility must be worked for – it cannot be fully developed without a serious movement to re-evaluate, learn and understand the real implications of the Greek political processes of contradiction and conflict, and the scientific truth about how we all got here.

This will require new analysis; new concepts – and in some cases, new language to describe the new concepts reflecting the new reality; new structures – such as local assemblies for democracy where these concepts can be raised, developed and become a real force for change within society; new energies of confident equality – where processes of respectful interaction, and the serious consideration of conflicting ideas and their resolution into new material pathways forward are facilitated, free from the dead-hand self-serving manipulations of Twentieth Century clique representative bureaucratic obstructions and cynicism.

A new honesty and democratic integrity must be our guide. The failed strategies of the Twentieth Century are now an obstacle. Capitalism is the problem. Real Democratic Scientific Socialism is the solution. We must study our subject and bring our resultant new knowledge into practical activity. And this will make a revolutionary difference!