School Closes Amid CoronaVirus Fears



In last hours news is emerging from the HSE after it was announced the male with coronavirus in Ireland came in contact with a secondary school in Galsnevin, Dublin

The secondary school will now close for a period of 14 days with all students and all staff to be put into an incubation period. This despite reports from other parts of the world that coronavirus can have an incubation period of up to 40 days.

Some Questions the public should probably ask of HSE

Are family members of kids or teachers to self quarantine?

Are colleagues of kids parents to quarantine?

Are commuters who share public transport with those mentioned above to quarantine?

We understand the list of those who could have been exposed is unfathomable, yet no-one or journalist seems to be asking the questions about where else this person was.

The HSE say the precaution is being taken because symptoms can take up to 5 days to show before someone knows that they’re infected.

No public information is being released at this time as to where the school is but we believe that school to be on Mobhi Road, Glasnevin

The HSE say that they’re directing all concerned as to how they need to act for the next 14 days.

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