By Frank Hayes

Today people meet in the little town of Monageer to remember the political bravery of a Wexford man who fought International Fascism, and gave his life to defend the human right to an equal and happy life for all of us.

Peter Daly travelled in the Hungry Thirties to the sunny hills, plains, and rivers of Spain to fight the same arrogant class of rulers he had fought on these very fields. He was not alone. He will not be forgotten. And is fight is being renewed by a new generation.

BBC Radio 4 news this morning was covering the voluntary march of Syrian refugees from the central station of Budapest. While the Hungarian government had tried to impose their failed legalistic agenda on the crisis of mass migration from war-torn Syria, ordinary decent Hungarian people supported these unfortunate victims of war-criminals Tony Blair and George W Bush’s resource-grab war in the middle-east oilfields.

And not just in Hungary is this important change evident. The BBC reporter noted:
“The people are way ahead of the politicians on this question of distinguishing between a refugee and an economic migrant.”

This is a process which is happening today, 5th September 2015, in a variety of differing ways locally all over the world. In every country, ordinary people are beginning to do extraordinary things. It is a process which has been marked by changes in public attitude which were really unexpected by the establishment and its status quo propagandists.

Ireland voted against the instructions of entrenched religious bigotry and in favour of gay marriage. Scotland almost declared UDI, and then threw out the New Labour Blairites sacking 49 right wing Labourites leaving them with only 1 Scottish Labour MP.

In England, the people deserted in droves the fake alternative of pro-Austerity Lite New Labourite Milibanders, effectively smashing New Labour for ever. The political face of Wales changed similarly, and only in Northern Ireland could the deeply embedded sectarianism let the establishment off the hook leaving the bigots in control.

But only for the time being, however. For there is a growing confusion amongst the brethren of all denominations as a new generation shakes free of their backward ignorance.

What is really happening outside the power-obsessed heads of the political class – processes which used to be supressed effectively by compliant media and academic controls, are being shared through digital electronic social media – locally and globally.

A new voice has entered the political realm!

Ordinary people are developing the means to express their true human decency in opposition to the savage brutality of the political and corporate agenda of ruthless profiteering and austerity – no matter how many lives it costs, regardless of the destruction of communities, tearing down the façade pf lies and myths on which their cruelty sits.

To understand this melting of the old rigid hierarchies, to grasp the full reality and implications of this turning around in general human behaviour and thought, we must create a correct model of the whole process – uniting both its material and ideological sides, so that we can come to see the historical motion which is now occurring.

Heraclitus of Ephesus, the Greek thinker who first gave us the dialectical model of the universe including the dialectical method of human thought told us: “All is flux”. And indeed, today we see that this proposition truly is so. We act collectively, and not just as individuals.

And we can use his revolutionary scientific method today to understand the effect which the mobile phone photograph of a small and beautiful child, drowned, slipping from his father’s arms, while fleeing the horror forced on his family and community by the same Austerity Mongers seeking their profits and demanding the political power and control to carry out their inhuman politics.

And we can also use his revolutionary scientific method to chart the pathway out of the collapsing mayhem created every day, everywhere, by their failing system!

The collapse of their financial structures – a moment of destruction maturing slowly since 1971 when their last viable strategy for the real material growth of surplus value finally broke up on August 15th as Nixon ended the Bretton Woods Agreement.

All the fantasy strategies of Milton Friedman – we called them Thatcherism or Reagonomics locally. All these stop-gap measures now come to naught. And it is this real material effect of collapse which drives the Troika Austerity Agenda imposed on us and managed by them through the thievery of privatisation – the battler front of Water Commodification, the scheme-job-scams of workfare.

Which has driven Bush and Blair, to create their Dodgy dossiers and commence the Third World War against the all the people of the world who do not subscribe to their anti-democratic – and is the specific cause of the tragic death of a little boy on a sunny Mediterranean beach. This was their choice – to prolong a dying capitalism by violent means.

The same choice made by Enda Kenny, Joan Burton, Micheal Martin, and Gerry Adams, and all who peddle us the lie that capitalism could possibly be any different! It cannot be, and will never be other than a cruel system of robbery, enslavement and coercion.

But one which now is breaking apart before our eyes. As we talk here together, we become part of a New Democracy, directly challenging the political class of capitalists, and their corporate masters who claim they own the world, its resources, and even it’s people – you and me!

Well, they do not. And we are wising up to their machinery of lies. We are learning how to network our own people’s democracy. And we will learn how to take back from these robbers – the world which actually belongs to all of us, all of human kind, and which we own collectively, and which most of us are happy to share with equality.

Peter Daly went out from here to Spain to fight them in darker days. Today people gather to celebrate his commitment and integrity in a brighter time, a time when change is becoming possible for us at home.

And we will make these changes – and we will learn to trust and respect each other, to work collectively, scientifically, and relentlessly until we finish the job he started and take back our world.
fh 5/9/15