Saint Patrick’s Day, Lá Fhéile Pádraig and snakes

st patricks day

By Rick Wilbrink

Remembering the apparent fact that this holy guy kicked out “all the snakes” from his beloved Island – well beloved… He was abducted as a sixteen year old boy by some Irish Pirates from his home in Britain.
So he sorted the “snakes” – pagans who had another belief than the good ole Pat himself – and made them leave Ireland. Or So he thought..
When the the religious sixth centuried Jihadist finally died round about the 17th of March, the surviving snakes threw a party. I think. I am not sure. Pagan parties are generally not void of alcohol, but then neither are Catholic parties… It doesn’t really matter.
There will be beer and party today.
And snakes.

Point I thought I would make is that these days the “snakes” are quite different from the past. Where they used to be pagans, now the snakes are in the Dail. They are “politicians” with a dangerous bite. They are out for blood (or water, whatever floats your boat). OUR blood (sic).
They mean to suck us dry and leave us with nothing.
And to be honest, we appear to be liking the sucking. We lie down and take it with hardly ANY opposition. Basically as a whole population we suck at defending our rights. Cause we rather be sucked by them. Gone with our water, gone with our money, gone with our dignity, our sovereignty, our sense of home.

All of us? Really?
No… there is a small (but growing) group of people who are fighting against the current snakes of Ireland. People who are determined to “right what is so clearly wronged”. (bit of a silly sentence that, but you know what I mean) People who don’t suck, because they are good at what they are doing. People who fight for YOU, even if you do not realise that yet, or if you do not want to see.

These people are out there every day, or every weekend, to tell YOU about the things you either HAVE lost or WILL lose if you do not join and take action.
They fight on your behalf for your water, for your constitutional rights, your trading rights, and your way of life. To maintain it, or to improve it, to protect your health.

And all you do is perhaps make fun of them, or criticise them, or push them out of your way. Maybe you actually secretly admire them, but you are afraid for what people might think of you when you join and agree with them.

I was in Cork last week for the protest organised by the People’s Convention against Water charges. Several people were there speaking to the people. There was a woman (a TD or Senator, I am not sure) who held a passionate speech about how she was committed to the case. She was passionate I thought, but also impatient – or perhaps insecure – as while she was throwing out her assumptions and her position she did not really wait for the response of the people. From where she stood she thought everyone was in full cheer about her speech. From where I stood I could only hear a very thin “yeah” or “Yes” around the place. People stood and listened, but apparently they did not really hear what she was saying. Maybe she was a politician and spoke in that “capacity”, I don’t know…

When we were rallied to join the march through town, many people disappeared into the side streets or towards the festive tents a little further up in the street.
I talked to some of the people who DID join, and one man said to me: “I am joining this because I should. But really, I am not sure if it helps. They don’t really listen in either Cork or Dublin”.

Well, good man with an Indiana Jones hat and Terry Pritchard face: you SHOULD join indeed. And you should get your family and friends to join too. Because unless we all join forces the will walk all over us, and ignore the pain they create among the people. And they will continue to suck us empty in any way they can.

By the way: RTE did cover the march, albeit very short, and without support for the action. I thought there were more than five hundred people, but apparently the Garda had been counting each and every one of us. Just in case, you know Derek Byrnes might be there J

Back to the snakes though, otherwise this whole story is for nothing….
The snakes were on the plane and fled the country BEFORE we could show them what we are about. Officially this is to strengthen the ties with other countries and to get some economic gain for Ireland. The costs alone for the dic… sorry.. T-shirt/shock to get away from us are enough to help a few families in this country. But nooooo it is Very Important To Be the Main Man in Atlanta for a party that wasn’t in Ireland. Well the world got to know about him – although the mainstream media focussed on what he supposedly had done well for the country….

Phoan Burp(…) pretended to plead for something good for Ireland – but she is such a fucking liar I don’t even have the courtesy to spell her name right. The only time that needs to be done is when she is arrested for betrayal of her people, right before she gets locked up. Without her I-Collection.


My point. (it is taking me some time)
Let’s not let them into the country again. Close the borders to them. Replace them with real people power. Then find Denis O Brien and arrest him.

Of course this will not happen. They have their protection firmly in place. They will return.

But get this: WE will not go away. We will NOT stop to fight. We will not let unjustice take its path.
We will show, today, on Paddy’s Day that the snakes, the REAL snakes will be dealt with.
With Everyone’s eyes on Ireland, we can send a message to the world about how WE want to sort our affairs. About the end of Kenny and chums.
We will do this today, and every other day we can do this.
We are not just protesting against the water charges, we are telling the KennyClan to go, and take their shite with them.

I’ll end with Derek Byrnes words:

“On the 21st of March 2015 I will be on the streets of Dublin protesting against Austerity and water charges. I would hope that every man, woman, and child comes and stands up.
We have been betrayed and sold out by the political elite. It is time we took back our pride, our dignity and our destiny. We deserve more and together we can overcome and defeat not just water charges and Austerity, and the corruption that has destroyed Irish Society.”

And so should say all of us.