By Frank Hayes

A couple of us with stopwatches here, trying to get the mean average for how long Brendan Ogle is allowed to speak, before that censor and interrupter-in-chief, Marian Finucane, disrupts his comments and prevents the full expression or development of his ideas being properly uttered on her programme. Let alone the possibility of their interesting contents being fairly or openly discussed.

She is a disgrace to what was once called journalism. What is now, in the hands of RTE as an institution, savagely reduced to a propagandist weapon operated by liars and bullies, paid out of the public purse?

Ms Finucane declares it is her job to interrupt when something is said which “is wrong”. This must mean that when Mr Ogle brings up the matter of Austerity, and its horrible consequences for the ordinary lives of those of us who pay her inflated fees, he “is wrong”.


Let us set aside for a moment, the important question of the objective meaning contained in the words, “wrong” and “right”. She may argue, correctly, these are subjective values.
But what of the nature of those political forces who coerce the Austerity she implicitly defends, on society?

Clearly, Ms Finucane considers Mr Ogle to be wrong when he opposes this ongoing violent political and economic aggression against the people? No reasonable person can draw any other conclusion from her behaviour.


This can only mean that she considers Austerity and its destruction of human rights, and its removal of human happiness – blatantly in the furtherance of corporate profiteering – to be quite “right”! It can mean nothing else!

Hardly an impartial stand. Hardly a position defensible before the tribune of the people who have suffered eight years of state terrorism against their families and their selves.

Perhaps, in her exclusive bubble, Ms Finucane has forgotten that “her” listeners are the vast majority of us, we whom have suffered the consequence of externally imposed WTO, Troika Institutions), and locally enforced (Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fail, The Green Party), the cruelest impoverishment at the hands of the political rouges she admires.
What a vile clique they all constitute!


This is democracy RTE style, a clear run for the conservative reactionaries, obstruction and disruption for the progressives.
But what else would you expect from a pampered, over-paid brat-hack-pack?


But change is afoot! Enjoy your disruptive arrogance, for now, Marian (& co). A new broom will soon sweep clean along the corrupted corridors of Montrosia.

And when honest intellectual integrity and equality becomes the order of the day, there will be no place for your vile clique with its double standards, its low, low standards on the publicly owned, and publicly funded airwaves. The people will see to that.

And Marian – and all your brat-hack-pack, you can take that as a certainty.
Those who have played fair may well be invited to continue their service to the people. But those whose partisan prejudice has prevented the presentation of progressive ideas; whose who have served only the interests of the money-bags mobsters; they will be treated by the people, just as they themselves have treated others who attempted to defend the people.
And that’s nothing more than a proper and reciprocal balance, nothing more than a real equality, in my view! There are many good people, with excellent skills, with old-fashioned journalistic integrity, waiting patiently in the wings. Their day is now coming fast. Those suffering your dictatorship have had enough.
FH 01/11/2015