atlanta patricks day parade

Worldwide access to the internet means squabbles over domestic issues no longer stop at water’s edge.
Early the afternoon of Friday, 13 March 2015, Georgia Unfiltered ran a story promoting the 133rd annual Atlanta St. Patrick’s Parade.Enda Kenny, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, is being honored as this year’s Atlanta St. Patricks Parade Grand Marshal.Within minutes of our story about Taoiseach Kenny leading the 2015 Atlanta St. Patricks Parade appearing online, our email inbox and Facebook fan page were filled with comments from Irish citizens appalled that Atlanta would celebrate a man many in Ireland view with extreme revulsion.
Heres some of the Messages on the events Facebook page”Do the people of Atlanta realize that Enda Kenny is the most despised politician in the history or our little island nation,” Clonsilla, Ireland resident Pol Ó Muireadhaigh asked.
“He has overseen 4 years of austerity measures that have destroyed the working class and enriched himself, his friends in government and BIG business.””He is not worthy of leading an Irish parade. He can’t lead the Irish people. He has only led them to ruin and laughs at their misery every day,” wrote Annmarie Folan of Galway, Ireland.
“He is nothing but a traitor who sold out his country for cushy jobs for himself and his cronies and bled the taxpayers for billions. Ireland has had to repay 42% of the European banking debt because of the decisions this man presided over. He’s an embarrassment to our nation.”
 “Apart from being despised in Ireland and being a fascistic idiot, he’s also racist, check out his history of “hilarious” n***er jokes at a business dinner. Keep him if you want, Ireland is better off without him.”
 “In Ireland the word “muppet” has derogatory connotations, somebody who is foolish and held in disdain, kermit isn’t the only large green muppet you’ll have in your parade today. Enda Kenny is a scourge and a blight on the irish people, he has wrought savage austerity on the ordinary citizens of Ireland over the past 4 years. He is the most hated man in ireland and we’ve hated a few, he is the most hated taoiseach we’ve ever had since the inception of the state despite the other lovable rogues who have screwed the irish people, this man’s arrogance abounds and he knows no shame, he’s terrified of live debate with his political opponents, his rare interviews are staged. He silences his political opponents using his associations with a media mogul and his stooges in the national broadcaster, the corruption here is stinking up the place. He’s nothing more than a jumped up school teacher and he earns more than your president for presiding over a country of 4.5 million people. We want him gone, please keep him or see if you have any room for him in Guantanamo”
 “Kenny is devoid of culture, empathy, sympathy, leadership skills, congruency, clear articulate English or Irish, transparency, imagination, I could go on and on. What he does have is a sub-human intelligence buoyed up by greed and narcissism, I don’t blame Atlanta you weren’t to know and I wish you all a Happy St Patrick’s Day, but I am appealing to the Irish present to just turn your backs as the little weasel passes in solidarity with those your forefathers fought for. Many thanks”
 “That “man” does not represent me, or the people of Ireland. He’s a disgrace. Shame on you Atlanta for promoting this lackey of bond holders and bankers.”
That is just a sample of the words posted on the Georgia Unfiltered Facebook fan page. You can read more of the comments below: