By Liam Deegan

Irish Water is like a stray mongrel dog…Nowhere to call home because nobody loves them or wants them. Constantly sniffing around the bottom of the rubbish bins looking for any scraps that will keep them alive long enough for some kind soul to take pity on them and give them a good home.

The problem is that this stray mongrel of an organisation is a supposed semi state company administering water resources one day and the next day it is a mash up of the Department of Social Affairs and the Revenue Commissioners particularly when legislation is introduced to take more of your hard earned money at source without your consent. This government are the A Team when it comes to doing that…

No matter what spin is put on this, the one thing that we know for sure is that Irish Water is a tax on people having children in the future. The more children that a couple have then the more water tax they pay. The government have socialised water charges through legislation into a tax upon babies. Every child born into an Irish Household will be born with an instant tax on its head from the very moment he or she makes an entry into this world.

Such is the desperation in government to make the stray mongrel that is Irish Water into a showcase poodle ready for privatization that they have made another faux pas by underestimating the willpower of its citizens when it comes to paying the bill, because the majority are refusing and will continue to refuse to finance a dog who bites the hand that feeds him. Taking people to court and trying to get a million cases heard by a judge especially when resilient parents pushing prams with screaming babies taking up precious court time is hardly going to pay for the dog groomers bill.

The government need to accept that the stray mongrel will always be a lonely dog with no friends except those who have already profited from licking the stray mongrels arse and that’s the way it is going to stay until the dog dies of starvation which in this case is power of non payment.

It’s far easier to introduce a baby tax than introduce a wealth tax… Just ask Denis!