Renua Ireland, WoW, Should we bow down to this new party, Ehh NO

ReNua recycling

By Martin Farrell Presenter Journalist

People lets ask ourselves what happened in our little land of EIRE in the last number of days.

Enda is still an arrogant asshole, A waste of good clean air, And lets not forget a lying hypocrite Joan Brutal is still there telling lies on behalf of labour, Trying to convince the populace that cutting loan parents is a good idea, While she commands over 170.000 euro a year , Without expenses.
So in real terms, Nothing new then but wait we have a new political party to contend with,
Renua Ireland, WoW, Should we bow down to this new party, Ehh NO….Not so fast I think, Please remember where Lucinda Creighton is coming from and trying to get to.
Her background is Fine gael and her policies are too,
This so called New party Renua Ireland is a SCAM and let me tell you why I think so.
Its been put in place by the powers that be to break up the electoral vote, To take focus off other party’s, Especially the independents and AAA and indeed DDI which will come into their own in the next election.
So don’t be fooled by Lucinda don’t fall into the trap ,stay well clear of this so called Renua Ireland.
If you give Renua a vote it will be a vote lost for the better of our country, Lets all come together and stand up to this bullshit and tell it like it is ..