[REDACTED] is appealing to you for sympathy


By belenus

[REDACTED] is appealing to you for sympathy and he is being facilitated by the Irish Times with a whole load of pages so we can hear the fat cats whinging and whineing. I honestly do not know where to begin to take this self pity self indulgent parasite to task on what he says here but just for starters, He wants you to understand that his dealings are and should be private.

What he fails to grasp here is that this deal isn’t a private loan, nor should it be considered as such, due to the sheer size of it and it’s intended use. It’s a business loan and it’s a loan that we, the Irish People, have been forced to pay for and assume the reluctant role of your banker. What you fail to grasp is that unlike a banker, we actually care what happens to the money since it’s our money. If he has a problem with that then he should take it up with those who destroyed the original bank he dealt with and subsequently put his loans under public remit.

Therefore we are entitled to know whether there’s been any favouritism given that would cost us vital money that we paid for. He should understand that his arrogant over zealous use of litigation to silence anyone that has a right to know is what brought on the anger. He should also realise that it’s not all about him. He’s not the sole villain here. We also want to know who else cooperated in making these sweetheart deals happen. We want to know who signed off on €300 million of OUR money to be just written off for Topaz, Siteserv and Beacon.

We want to know who helped you. and Until we find out then we can only assume you are solely responsible and the anger will inevitably land squarely with you.

So do us all a big favor and do the decent thing Denis and leave this country alone, we don’t need you or your ilk, you are nothing but parasites. lastly you say the media has treated you badly well is that not what you have been doing for years with your puppet Journalists acting as attack dogs for anything or anyone you dislike.