Reckless disregard shown by the IBRC and involvement of Denis O

The Four courts Dublin

By Anthony Reddin

Here are the judgments against RTE/Catherine Murphy that was thrown out the original documents that Denis O Brien presented to the court about Catherine Murphy and the evidence uncovered.

It states the reckless disregard shown by the IBRC and the involvement of Denis O Brien in public and private affairs also to have close relationship and given very favorable treatment.

It also show`s favoritism shown to ” special clients” and the total disregard to tax payers money and allowed to go “rogue” under Alan Dukes /Fine Gael and again no accountability ,transparency to the people who are suffering from a system breeding corruption.

Well it`s in black and white, we are in crisis under “Buy and Sell” rule..

Warning…The affidavitts a long read


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