Re-Loot Ireland Is Not A New Political Party

Re loot ireland rebooth Ireland

Lucinda Creighton and Eddie Hobbs launch a media fest with their idea of a “New Political Party”. Let me assure you this is not a new party…… but a party made up of besmirched ex Fine Gael TDs and supporters. This party expects to grow with the support of the rats who will jump from the sinking porous ship of the Fine Gael – Labour Coalition government before the next general election.

The party is most lightly the brain child of the establishment who now have no doubts whatsoever they will not be in the seat of power after the next elections.

It is a blatant attempt to split the voters who have not forgiven Fianna Fail for selling out this country, nor will they vote for the austerity driven Labour or Fine Gael parties who broke their election manifesto the minute they entered office. This is an attempt to hold on to the votes of conservative Ireland.

Any “new” party that can confidently expect to raise 1 million euro. A party who can raise this kind of money is most certainly NOT a party of the people.

If you cannot see the hundreds of thousands of euros in free press they have received then you are also blind to the fact that they are the darlings of the establishment who will no doubt fund and push them onwards and upwards as the next election looms.

Meanwhile to the other new parties, like DDI, Fis Nua, Irish Democratic Party, ect ect, which do exist but are not the darlings of the establishment because these parties do not comply with the designs of the establishment for our country are given two fingers, mocked and politically assassinated ASAP. 

This is what you are up against folks. Better start tending to those grassroots asap..