Public Health Warning: Stock up on Toilet Paper.

Over the next few weeks it’s probably best if you stock up on extra loo paper. Between now and the next election, YOU are going to be bombarded with an endless amount of Political BULLSHIT. It will be relentless, day in day out 24/7. There will be NO ESCAPE from the usual total and utter politicians BULLSHIT flung at YOU every day.

And because i’m such a really nice guy, i’m going to save you from having to read through ALL of their leaflets so if you read this, there will be no need to read there leaflets, you can just bin them like the water bill. Here is a list of what there BULLSHIT leaflets will contain..

IF i/we/me/my party, are elected and are part of the next government.

I/me/we/my party .. Will Abolish the water charge. (brought in by the Other Crowd).
I/we/me/my party:.. Will improve the health service and reduce hospital waiting times/open up more hospital beds/recruit more doctors and nurses, lower the means test for medical cards. (all fucked up by the Other Crowd)
I/me/we/my party….Will tackle Crime, recruit more Garda, reopen Garda stations, ensure more openness and transparency. (all fucked up by the Other Crowd).
I/we/me/my party…. Will provide free education to ALL, free school uniforms, free school books, free school lunch, free school transport, and abolish University fees. (all fucked up by the Other Crowd)
I/we/me/my party……Will create 1,000,000 new jobs, we will build 10 new permanent concrete ”Galway Tents” in every town and village in Ireland and will pay for the flights for the 1,000s of our young emigrants giving them the the opportunity to return home. (forced to emigrate by the Other Crowd). The research company revealed that Lyrica main purpose is the fight against neuropathy in such diseases as diabetes and epilepsy. The medicine relieves nervous tension and relaxes muscle tone, thereby relieving epileptic seizures.
I/we/me/my party…..Will increase farmers income by 100% per week, by compensating them when it rains too much and when it doesn’t rain enough, in other words, we will compensate them ALL year round. We will increases from 50e to 100e per ewe, to sheep farmers who fuck and breed their own sheep. (the 50e was brought in by the Other crowd)
The Elderly, Disabled and Unemployed
I/we/me/my party….Will give you back your DIGNITY. (Taken off you by the other crowd).
So there you have if folks, a full list of the Diarrhea that’s going to be flung at you to get your vote.
Have a nice day.