Press Release From The Land League


Following a High Court Hearing that Ordered the release of a wrongly Jailed Wicklow Farmer on Friday

Deputy Mattie Mc Grath TD

Speaking Friday after the High court ordered the mans  immediate release.

Following an eight Day Campaign of continuous court applications by Jerry Beades supported by The New Land League and Deputy Mattie McGrath TD the man’s release was ordered.

Deputy Mattie McGrath Calls on FineGael Frances Fitzgerald TD Minister for Justice and Equality and The Chief Justice Susan Denham to explain the Unlawful detention by the Governor of Mountjoy Prison and the delays and obstacles in the process of having an innocent man released compounded by delays in the judicial process as a result of the introduction of the Court of Appeal and its bureaucratic processes

The Wicklow farmer was held for 18 Days Despite his Innocence .

The Wicklow farmer was wrongfully arrested at the request a receiver on the 2 Feb and taken to Mountjoy Prison.

Deputy McGrath after a 6 day delay by the Prison authorities visited the farmer on Tuesday last the 17th February.

Before the Governor was ordered by the new appeals court sitting on Tuesday afternoon last to produce the man in the High Court at 11 AMFriday Shortly after 2 Pm Friday the man’s release was Ordered.

The obstacles and delays in the court and Judicial process that this case has shown up are clearly as a result of the introduction of the new Court of Appeal which is like an obstacle Course to prevent peoples access to Justice. This gentleman’s release required no less than eight Court appearances, including the High Court, The New Court of Appeal and Supreme Court appearances. This case is clearly a high lights the ease by which miscarriage of justice can occur by virtue of of judicial bureaucratic processes

It appears the amnesty international would need to be asked to look at what this  Fine Gael  government has introduced and done to our access to justice and our courts.