power to steal from your bank account or social entitlements


By Tir Na Saor

The Government is to announce legislation giving them power to steal from your bank account or social entitlements. This is just another example of the complete nonsensical injustice that is legislation. So a bunch of pricks can write a ‘Bill’ and it applies to us all without question?? And we believe we’re free? Most people are like “it’s in the law – we have to do it…they legislated for it, it’s an Act of government” – WHAT does all this really mean?

It’s time to wake up to the fact that following legislation “just because” is akin to abandoning all critical thought and our standing as independent human beings in exchange for ‘laws’ backed up by the use of violent force and imprisonment – by a bunch of fools who assume the right to rule over others! And it’s the same of all legislation. Time and time again we have said that the governmental-legal system is no more than the USE OF FORCE VEILED AS LEGITIMATE. This veil comes through the use of words and political ritualistic traditions that we evolve to believe is the way things are and should always be.

And what is this based on? The fallacious notion of democracy – Oh well we all vote and then whoever gets the most votes has the right to use force to impose their will on the smaller groups – and we call this CIVILISED? And this is all supposedly based on that blue book, the Constitution, that was written long before many of us were born by people who are long since dead which we were told applied to us – we were told we were under it and things ‘have to be this way’. But it’s just a book. It doesn’t have inherent magical powers to bind everyone, even the unborn, for ever more?

It’s all nonsense. We’re living in a cage and being forced to dance for peanuts by the masters. That they would even contemplate taking this money from our wages or entitlements should tell you all you need to know about the tyranny of government. And it doesn’t matter which flag is on the mast – it’s all fucking oppressive. Government as we know it, aka STATISM is the biggest evil in the wold today. Not banks, not corporations, but the Governments that use their falsely established authority to dictate the laws of the day – bailing out banks – introducing austerity cuts – invading other countries – and armies of 100,000’s of men and women willing to kill to order – all of this is down to the damaging belief in the mythology of inherent government authority.