Political activist Steven remains remanded in Cloverhill prison


It has been 14 days now Steven Bennett has been remanded at Cloverhill prison.

Political activist Steven unwillingly refused the draconian bail conditions imposed on him and still remains remanded in Cloverhill prison for peacefully assembling against Irish Water. The High court judge thought two Garda statements were evident enough Steven acted unlawful, impeding traffic and Irish Water contractors. No fair trial was had.

The judge imposed bail conditions:
A lodgement of 1000 Euro surety and a curfew from 10pm – 8am.

Of course in principle Steven refused the harsh bail conditions and was remanded. We are still awaiting to hear a date for the Supreme court.

A statement from Steven confined to a prison cell for expressing his right to Protest

“This is a message of Solidarity to Friends and Comrades
This is not about an individual, this is about Political Policing, this is about the state attempting to crush legitimate resistance. Only through our resistance can we achieve change. Now more than ever we need individuals and groups to put their differences aside, we need to build a model of non party political leaderless resistance.
This is effectively what the state is attempting to crush at the moment, leaderless resistances in communities across Ireland against Irish Water. This is not just about Water, it is a fight for all our resources, our rights and freedoms.

This is the fight against Capitalism!”

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