Petrol attack on meter van NOT connected to water protests


Apparently this evening someone threw a petrol bomb at a water meter installer’s van in the Ballsgrove estate in Drogheda. No one was harmed and the van was not badly damaged as the bottle missed. However this incident has nothing to do with the water protests.

The government and media will undoubtedly try to use this to demonise the water protest and come in heavy handed with public order units. So we will get this information out there first as our Party Secretary Anthony Connor, a Drogheda man, has already made inquiries locally.

It must be made known that there were no water meter protests in Ballsgrove today. The installers had an uninterrupted work day. So this was nothing to do with water protesters.

This was an isolated event by an unconnected person. The locals in the estate believe they know who the perpetrator was and that person has nothing to do with the protests.

Now this information is out there, and the press subscribe to this site, we will see the standard of journalism that follows and which newspapers are fair and which are compromised.

The water protest is a peaceful one and will always remain so.

Anthony Connor had this to say…..

I want to strongly condemn The senseless act that occurred this evening in Ballsgrove it will undermined our peaceful protests and only add to give our corrupt politicians arguments against peaceful protesting — feeling very annoyed