Peaceful Assembly At City West Hotel Goes Off Without A Hitch


On a bitter cold evening at 5.00pm January 26th a number of people and groups started to gather outside the gates of City West Hotel, where the Irish Country Music Awards were being held. By 6pm numbers had swelled to around 150 with more arriving.

People had come from as far away as Mayo, Newry, Carlow and Cork to stand in solidarity in a peaceful assembly and object to City West Hotels use of security contractor K- Tech Security owned by Kevin Mc Garry.

K-Tech are involved in the disgusting behavior of evicting families from their homes using violence and thuggery. They are employed by receivers & banks who are obtaining properties by fraud in a corrupt judicial system..

Finbar Markey of the National land league gave a rousing speech to the crowd about what the land League is all about.

The peaceful assembly went ahead despite court injunctions which were put on 5 men in the high court last Thursday, although none of these attended.

One of the biggest cheers of the evening came when a K-Tech security jeep was refused entry to the awards ceremony as objectors blocked the entrance. The Gardai intervened and sent the K-Tech crew packing.

By the time the event ended there was in excess of 250 people there, guests were handed leaflets on their arrival and exit of the venue which explained why the crowd had gathered at the entrance. Everything went off smoothly and the crowd dispersed shortly after 8pm.