Our political illiteracy as a country, is trying to divide politics into “right” and “left”

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By Tir Na Saor

Our political illiteracy as a country has meant that as the rest of the world awakens to the reality that trying to divide politics into “right” and “left” wings is only a divisive illusion put up by those in power to keep the masses ignorant of the political reality, Ireland, having stagnated under Civil War politics for the entirety of our independence from Britain, is only now deciding left and right wing politics is the future.

It’s not. The rest of the world has already moved on from what we are only now deciding to participate in. The result, in any case, is evidenced below: parties like this, Continuity Fine Gael in all but name, who are nonetheless able to exist because they position their platform as being a right wing alternative to the mainstream political pulse.

To sum it up; China, North Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom are all ruled by a wealthy elite few. It doesn’t matter that the latter two claim to be free-market capitalist in their economic outlook and the former two claim to be communist. The labels are merely there to justify the political system that defines all four: oligarchy. The same political system that dominates in our Republic.

Do not get sucked in by left- and right-wing Statism. And be wary of any who you meet who use such terms to pose an argument against a viewpoint or politician; whether they are attacking a “lefty” or a “right-wing nutjob,” be assured that they are probably missing the point of the whole discussion.