Our Machines Have Names…

TTIP trojan horse

By Collective Ireland

In April, David O Sullivan, one of Ireland’s top bureaucrats, former Secretary General of the European Commission and recently appointed EU Ambassador to the US spoke publicly in Washington DC about how distracting he felt politics and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic to be when the EU is engaged in trade negotiations, and highlighted positively the fact that to date, all trade agreements completed had been subsequently ratified by member states.
The EU is currently engaged in about 1400 active trade agreements. The inference is that TTIP will happen, despite or because of politicians. Politicians don’t negotiate trade agreements; trade does.

Right now, 14 Committees on behalf of the European Parliament are discussing the EUs position on TTIP. This process is concluding and will be followed by a plenary session of the European Parliament on Wednesday 10th June with all 751 MEPs expected to vote on recommendations from the Parliament to the Commission on the negotiation of TTIP.
The ISDS Mechanism is a key stumbling block.

One of those 14 Committees reporting for the EU to the EU, the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee voted overwhelmingly in favour of a critical position on TTIP, explicitly opposing the ISDS Mechanism.

Speaking on behalf of the EUs Department of Trade at a German Social Democratic Party Conference in February, Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom described the ISDS Mechanism and TTIP as a “Sexy Issue”.

With civil and community groups and organisations, trade unions, leftist politics and several EU Member States condemning the ISDS Process and vocally calling for its removal as an option for negotiation or inclusion in TTIP, The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr. Richard Bruton late last year signed a letter supporting the ISDS Mechanism.

He did this of his own volition and without permission from the Dail as a gesture of support for the US negotiating team, who will reject a TTIP without an ISDS Mechanism.
Sexy indeed.

So remember, Sexy Time in the European Parliament is pencilled in for Wednesday 10th June, 09:00 – 11:50.

Regardless of the outcome, the next and tenth round of held in private not by politicians TTIP Negotiations takes place from the 13th to the 17th July in Brussels. Despite all the sexy voting.

As a P.S. know that recently, UK MEPs have called for the explicit exclusion of public services from TTIP negotiations. It should be expected that ours will eventually exhibit the collective ability to do the same.

Several TDs, a couple of government departments and some random academics have been asked to name the individuals negotiating TTIP on behalf of our communities. The answers have varied from silence to clueless.

Dig Your Own Holes, Comrades.

Join the Protests. All the Protests.