Our Light out of There Dark Times

national Citizen Movement
By Oisín O’Rimhea
Irish men and women fought and died for our independence and our sovereignty. They did not have it in their hearts that our government would sell out its own people, destroy its own country hand away its own future to a foreign oppressor. From Fianna Fail to Fine Gail promises were made and subsequently broken; for what? Money? Power? or all the above. How dare these spineless cowards put at price on the blood of the hero’s of Easter Week 1916. The old saying goes “Violence begets violence”, indeed it does. In context, one corrupt Government begets another. Each one as bad as the last. What if someone; or some group of people were to turn the tides? Would that set in motion a sequence of good Governing bodies each trying to be better than the last?
This is the hope of one new group; our lights out of these dark times, a life line for our fair éire. They are The National Citizens Movement; who are they? The National Citizens Movement (NCM) was formed on the 9th of August 2014 in the Rochestown Park Hotel Co.Cork, by a group of concerned people who were part of the national water protest movement. The meeting was arranged with a view to stopping the installation of water meters, the imposition of water charges and to protect the valuable natural resources from being privatized by our Government. What started out as an agenda to get all national groups into one place quickly developed into becoming a new political movement with the aim of providing effective representation and accountability. Their principles are simple; To insure the resources of the state are used to benefit the people not political parties or private interests. To reform the political system and ensure the creation of a system fit for purpose. Our relation to the EU should be a trade basis only and all the laws should derive from our Constitution to ensure the people of Ireland are a Sovereign and that it shall be done by consensus.
They hope to achieve this through simple means, yet big ratification which puts the power back to the people. This group dont want power or money , they want to set a new president so anyone following them will need to be up to par- if not better. Better is good. Some of the ratification’s they plan to make are; “We shall endeavor to protect and develop the assets and natural resources of the State for the benefit of the people and to amend Article 10 of the Constitution of Ireland, to ensure the state assets and natural resources of Ireland belong to the people and are sovereign”. Also ” To halt evictions by putting in place a moratorium of all court cases taken by banks in respect to the family home”. “To abandon the whip system and allow a free vote of conscience respecting all religious or ethical values or member’s with no sanctions imposed”. To leave the EU. To abolish Irish Water and water charges. To take leverage out of the hands of the bondholders. To reinstate the 75,000 signatures needed for the people to force referendum. These are just some of the 27 articles of NCM’s constitutions to maintain and to create a better standard of governing and to put the power back into the hands of the people. Once they do this Ireland will be a booming nation with a conscience at the helm and the people in charge. I am not a member of any party- nor will I be, but I do have a vote. I have looked into many parties, DDI, AAA etc but as of now The National Citizens Movement are the ones who stand out to me and the ones who stand to change our future. I will have my eye on this group; it will be interesting to see how they pan out.