On The Subject of Landlords, The Housing Crisis is a cash cow

Housing cash cow

By Collective Ireland

At the last count, there were 339,431 Non Principal Private Residences in Ireland. The state received 183,551 recorded payments from landlords for those properties.
Census 2011 identified 59,395 of these as holiday homes. It must be relatively safe to assume the remaining Non Principal Private Residences are available to rent.
That leaves 280,036 houses, and 124,156 landlords to account for.
With these figures alone it is suggested that the average landlord owns less than 2.5 rental properties.

That’s how Spin works.

Pay Attention –
Holiday home or not, there are 135,971 landlords with only 1 Non Principal Private Residence property.
That leaves 203,460 houses, and 47,580 landlords to account for. These figures suggest the average number of rental properties per landlord is closer to 4.5.

In the interest of fair play, we’ll discount any landlord owning 10 or less properties to rent. There are 45,397 such landlords. The State considers these profiteers to be minor landlords.

That leaves 2183 Landlords in control of most of the rental property available in Ireland.

There are currently 45 TDs sitting in the Dail who receive income as landlords.
11 TDs have officially recorded their occupation on the Register of Interests as Landlord.
My most vulgar example is former Minister for Health, current Minister for Children and Doctor under Hippocratic Oath James O Reilly who records his occupation in the eyes of the state as Landlord.

Rent rates are increasing at almost 6 times the rate of inflation, with Dublin City alone suffering a 34% increase in the cost of rental accommodation over the course of this government’s administration.
Homelessness has been steadily increasing since cuts to rent allowance were announced in 2012, and homelessness will continue to increase as a result of the abolition of Mortgage Interest Relief in 2017.
This puts pressure on the state to provide for those in need.

The Government will insist on pointing to that 4 Billion Euro investment in social housing as a response to any criticism of their inactivity on The Housing Crisis.
Local Authorities have started to confirm that an average of 75% of funds released will be used to pay landlords for properties rented by Local Authorities due to the lack of new social housing units.

This means only that the Government (made up of 45 landlords and 121 other TDs) has decided to use the bulk of 4 Billion Euros earmarked to fund Social Housing to instead fund the businesses of 2183 landlords between now and 2020.
Don’t forget the 45,397 landlords we excused from the equation on the basis that they only own 10 Rental Properties or less. They profit too.
The State will save 400 Million Euros with the abolition of Mortgage Interest Relief.
Landlords will take approximately 3 Billion Euros of public funding in lieu of it being spent on the construction of new Social Housing Units.
The Banks will profit from the facilitation and management of this capital flow.
All of these people and the institutions they represent profit from this State of Affairs while we, the people suffer to support them.

The Housing Crisis is a cash cow.
Think about that.

This State has failed its citizens.
This country is ruled by businessmen and the servants of businessmen, whose objectives are self promotion for profit and the advancement of those interests held by their peers and associates. We have, as a nation for generations now given our consent by ballot to be governed by self publicists and the grubby hand of greed.
We have voted successive shambolic administrations into power.
They rule only because we allow them to and we have been exposed as participants in our own oppression by the implied consent of our silence.

It’s about time that we Make More Noise.

Our previous inactivity and our current inability to act in unanimity allow the government to prioritise the accumulation and protection of wealth over servitude to the people.
The banks and financial institutions deciding our economic direction have shown no ability to curb their own gluttony.
They have between them ensured that we are burdened with the results of their poor choices to an extent that it will disenfranchise generations of Ireland’s children.

Our failure to promote to public office individuals who will act for the good of the people is their greatest asset. The current government is the latest in a line of mistakes that we’ve allowed to continue unchecked for far too long.
Play Your Part. Make informed decisions. Vote for Change.

Join the Protests. All the Protests.