by Enda Craig

There was absolutely nothing in the report about RBMP (River Basin Management Plans) nor was it discussed in the Joint Water Committee. For those that don’t know this is the building block of our whole water system. The RBMP was a direct result of the WFD (Water Framework Directive 2000). If you would like more info on it just search our ‘Archives’. This is a serious flaw.

The RBMP contains plans which are also sent to EU on how we structure our water resources and its funding now and into the future. We are on our ‘First Plan’ and are overdue on our ‘Second’ which has to be finalised end of this year.

The report does not mention Article 9.4 or the WFD directive. Somehow our politicians even those R2W ones seem to have given up on this vital exemption clause, one of the most important defenses against EU diktats. This Section must be inserted into any water policy including the RBMP.

Paddy Bullman A day ago

This is an excellent article. It not only paints a clear picture of the Irish Water super-quango, but also of the gombeen, sleveen and traitor infested little cess-pit of corruption that allows an elitist political overclass to ride the holes off the disenfranchised, powerless and apathetic serfs that make up the general population of this country. . . .

Buncrana Together 20 hours ago

Paddy fine description, maybe we could pinch it. Don’t forget the ‘chameleons’, though, ‘riding the holes of us’, indeed that could be but they’re definitely sucking the blood of those that just rose from stupor, only to fall prey again to the poisioned fangs of false promises.

Give us a ‘D’, decadent, give us a ‘á’ arrogant, give us an ‘i’ immoral, give us ‘l’ liars and Éireann stands for our nation’s lament.

Brams Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein weren’t far out at all.