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Delighted to say that a member of Peoples internet radio had a successful outcome today (The issue has not been fully completed and updates will follow). The Judge in the case told the man to keep performing as he was doing. Therefore the Official Offer is clearly a good process
We are delighted for the Family as a whole and hopefully soon an interview will assist others in grasping how effective and simple the official offer process is.
We offer kindest regards to Harry O’Reilly from for the invaluable information and perspective in assisting so many find remedy.

Letter of discontinuance, Click Photo for more
Letter of discontinuance

Official offer solution sent to the lender/bank. What to write how to write it, heres the typed version PLEASE NOTE this should be hand written and signed.


To Lender/bank/ (the exact name on your mortgage contract) from Joe Bloggs and Mary Bloggs to now operate on account eg. 123456789  €xx.00 effected weekly as satisfaction on all  demands/obligations

By : Joe Bloggs (signature as in photo below)

By : Mary Bloggs (signature as in photo below)

You must staple your offer to the paper, be cash cheque, postal order.. IT MUST BE STAPLED (no cellotape or paperclips)

When writing this offer it is advised to make a duplicate using blue carbon paper. Then when you have completed the front side turn both pages over and write using the carbon paper again.

At an angle of 45 degree on the back of paper in big bold hand writing OFFICIAL OFFER.

Note full stops or comma’s are not to be used anywhere.

Official offer letter to lender
Official offer letter to lender


Official offer Solution document
Official offer Solution document
official offer solution
official offer solution


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official offer backpage
official offer backpage


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