By Liam Deegan

Until now John Tierney has blatantly refused to appear before the Oireachtas Environment Committee on the grounds that there is an on going EU probe into the cost of the Poolbeg incinerator debacle in which taxpayers were hijacked for €108 million Euro.

Well the good news is that as and from today Mr Tierney has no where to run and hide because the EU has called off the probe into Poolbeg and have cleared Dublin City Council of any wrongdoing but not cleared Tierney as he was instrumental in making all of the decisions that led to us being scalped once again.

John Tierney ensured that €30 million Euro went on consultancy fees to his old friends, KPMG, Arthur Cox amongst the usual others but what is equally as interesting is the relationship between Tierney and one of the consultancy firms that he “personally engaged” to work as consultants on the Poolbeg project.

Tierney engaged RPS who are an international consultancy firm that advises on energy and other major infrastructure projects. Initially the consortium was to be paid just €8.3 million Euro for technical, commercial and legal advice. But it was retained for much longer than anticipated, leading to a consultancy overrun of over €20 million Euro.

However it now turns out that two of its ex-employees, former head of asset management Jerry Grant and former head of project communications Elizabeth Arnett, are now working with Irish Water. Ironically RPS also had a role in the setting up of Irish Water, receiving €262,000 in consultancy fees from Irish Water.

Poolbeg proposed

Today, John Tierney is going to find himself reading the newspapers in his conservatory while having his croissants and coffee and musing over the fact that he will still be in a job come tomorrow and everyday thereafter because he knows too much about the corruption that went on and goes on and he is knowingly assured that if he goes down then he will take certain government ministers with him and they don’t want that to happen now do they!