Not About The Nine O’ Clock News Propaganda On RTE


by Con ODomhnaill

When I was young the TV was religiously turned on every night for the 9 o’clock news on RTE. The Grandmother was a bit deaf and she’d tell us to “hush now ’till I get the news”.
The elections were an exciting time and the RTE news was watched with great interest and the politics were debated afterwards. But I don’t know if governments back then were using the national broadcaster for propaganda purposes? What I do know is that we took the 9 o’clock news as gospel.

I do know now though in 2016, that the government DOES use RTE for propaganda. This government have employed an army of highly paid propagandists .. oh, they are officially known as “advisers”. Kenny, Burton and every Minister have their own propagandists and the news organizations, TV, radio and all newspapers are constantly fed government spin. The results are never-ending positive announcements about JOB CREATION, reductions in the numbers on the dole, new schools, etc., etc., etc., The Government parties fight over who gets to announce the GOOD NEWS.

This government have never had it so good on the good news/spin/propaganda front. Firstly, Fine Gael’s number one backer Denis O’Brien has got majority control of the media in Ireland, and is at this moment trying to influence the result of the upcoming General Election. Secondly, the only other national alternative news organization to O’Brien – RTE are 100% behind Fine Gael and Labour, daily pumping out THE GOOD NEWS according to Kenny/Burton, while attacking and vilifying alternatives voices like Sinn Féin and Left Independents.

There is hope! For the first time the monopoly is being challenged by Social Media. It is up to us on these pages to counter government (and Fianna Fáil/Renua) propaganda by exposing their lies and by telling the truth. The TRUTH will hurt them on election day. Play your part.