No-never-No-more Denis O’Brien’s Ireland’s Own


By Con O Domnaill

When I was a teenager (and that wasn’t today or yesterday) I loved reading. Any book, any magazine, any newspaper … My Granny always bought Ireland’s Own and I used to look forward to reading their history articles about our great heroes like Patrick Sarsfield and our not so great villains like Diarmuid MacMurrough. The famous little magazine is still around but somewhere along the line the tax evader Denis O’Brien has got his grubby hands on it so as I posted earlier I will never purchase it again (or any of his Independent Group newspapers).

It just occurred to me that a rival and quite similar magazine started up some years ago and I found a copy of Ireland’s Eye today. It is published from 6 Dominic Street in Mullingar, County Westmeath and appears to an independent publication with no connection to the despised O’Brien or others. Had a quick flick through it and yes it’s the same formula as Ireland’s Own, a nice article on Maureen Potter and an interesting piece on the founder of Sinn Féin, Arthur Griffith. A bit heavy with religious stuff, novenas, etc., but I can live with that and I will buy the next issue of Ireland’s Eye and no-never-no-more Denis O’Brien’s Ireland’s Own.