By Eanna O’Muiri

No more Protesting now, move along,
On the streets ye don’t belong.
Don’t be calling the leaders any more names,
Or ye’ll be the one’s that’ll get blamed.
IW, Nothing to see here, move along now
Or I’ll shove you and hit you, ya silly cow.
Sure Enda’s great and Joan’s a saint.
God help those that say they ain’t.
Protect and Serve sure we will in our hole,
Everyone know’s ye’re all on the dole.
Denis pays our little bonus
So on ye all is now the onus.
“Officer may I ever politely say?”
“That we are never going away!”
And IW along with Kenny
Will never get another penny.
So release the murderers, rapists soon
because ye’ll need every single room.
Arrest us all and charge us too
But watch us come back on the ass to bite you,
Shame on you all, each and uniform you wear,
Our ancestors would shed many a tear,
Not all ye’re fault though others too to blame
Like Kenny , Burton, Noonan a few other toerags to name.

Eanna O’Muiri