No Justice in Ireland just kangaroo courts of collusion between DPPs , private barristers/solicitors and Gardai

Irish kangaroo court

By Andrew

Criminal corruption and cronyism between the DPP s office/senior gardai and private solicitors/barristers.
No solicitor/barrister who works for the DPPs office should be working privately for a defendant.
This is a SERIOUS CONFLICT of interest and has to stop.
The DPP s office, Labour/FG, senior gardai, private solicitors/Barristers firms
and judiciary are all in cahoots together. This is how with this corrupt justice
system, no one gets a fare hearing/trial in court. Its all just a  kangaroo court.All their little cozy chats before court, stitching up people. THIS PRACTICE HAS TO STOP.

We need something urgently done about this corruption and collusion
in our justice system. All are political appointments by TD s of their
relatives and cronies on the HIGHEST paid salaries in the WORLD.

TD Brendan Howlin has made the DPP s office in Ireland the HIGHEST paid state prosecutions office in the
world and he has also made sure to hide this information under the freedom of information Act.

“two individuals in the DPP’s office receive a salary between €150,000
and €200,000 (Clare Loftus and Liz Howlin ,Brendan Howlins own relative), with 21 employees
earning between €100,000 and €150,000”  and these salaries does not include the BONUSES they get ,
despite millions paid out by the tax payers in MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE as a result of the DPP s wrongful prosecutions
of innocent people.
No accountability in the DPP s office, just collusion and corruption and kangaroo court

” Of the 22 positions filled by Brendan Howlin, the public expenditure
and reform minister, none were advertised”