No Im not related to Simon Harris say Drew


By Conn Donnovan

Fine Gael’s Garda Commissioner Drew Harris (Order of the British Empire) has angrily denied rumours that he is related to caretaker Health Minister Simon Harris. The popular Northerner told the “Garda Review” that ‘No, I am not his brother, not even his cousin. In fact I would have more in common with Eoghan Harris who writes for the Sunday Independent’. Mr Harris – Drew that is, went on ‘It is just a coincidence that we sing from the same hymn sheet on things, like keeping Sinn Féin out of power here in the south and saying the IRA still exists, but if the Coronavirus thing gets serious I don’t want to be associated with that guy. It would be worse than being associated with the Red Hand Commandos, the UDA and the UVF.’