Trim Castle

On the back of the successful launch of the Mayo Land League County Meath is to have its turn. It may be a push to exceed the turnout and positive, spirited atmosphere of the Mayo launch when the room overflowed with supporters and many stood cheering from the hallway. Local and national organisers expressed a confidence that the Meath launch will equal if not excel that of Mayo, and a jovial competition exists throughout the country with localities driving themselves to bigger and better launches.

Branches, offices and clinics are to open in Meath, Monaghan, Westmeath, Wicklow, Kildare, North Cork / South Kerry and Offaly over the coming two months. It is an exciting time for the many people who have dedicated their time to the cause over the last six years and who have now come together under the flag of the National Land League.

The Launch in Co Meath on Tuesday the 16th of December takes place in “The Big Hall”, Trimm Castle, at 8 pm. A great line-up of speakers will tell us about the League, work to date and future plans and strategies. Details about the establishment of offices / clinics in Meath will be announced on the night.
All are invited to attend this historic launch and we wish to remind readers that the Land League is not just for people in arrears. It is a League determined to end evictions and introduce fair mortgage repayments, aims that will benefit the entire nation both socially and economically, and of course bring an end to the plague of personal trauma being experienced by those in debt and those barely managing to pay their mortgage.